With all the free time on our hands these days, we are all looking for fun ways to fill our time. And with these trying times, many companies have been on the top of the game when it comes to encouraging us to stay inside. Let it be with various software from 3D editing and libraries for them, to audio software, to educational courses and even free AAA games. There seems to be a little bit of something out there for everyone right now. Today’s article is about gamers and well some gamers enjoy insane parkour assassination like in Assassin’s Creed II recently free from Uplay we talked about that one here and it is free until April 17th at 14:00 UTC+1. Others prefer to JUST plain CAUSE chaos, and for that EPIC has provided us all an outlet in JUST CAUSE 4 free from April 16th – April 23rd on the Epic Games Launcher Store! This is not a free trial but rather a free game for life once activated on your Epic Games account. I have not personally played a JUST CAUSE title in a while but I am going to make sure to take advantage of this and give the universe a run for its money. Get on over and claim your FREE copy from the EPIC Store now!

Simply open your EPIC Games launcher, search for Just Cause 4 and ENJOY! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/just-cause-4/standard-edition

just cause 4