As the year comes to a close we want to establish a rapport with the Cosplay scene, we want to support more upcoming talent. We’re giving cosplayers around the world an opportunity to find themselves a spot in our family. Yes, that’s right we will bring the winner of the competition as a Kinguin brand ambassador.

To participate you must mail your entries to [email protected] with the following information*:

  • Name, Age, Location, Social Media links (if public pages exist, not personal)
  • 3 minimum images, 5 maximum images (2x cosplays minimum – any kind)
  • State which is your best cosplay from the images provided and why.

* Each application  mail should be entitled as Kinguin Amateur Cosplay Competition 2015 

A couple of important rules to consider before you apply is one you need to have turned 18 years of age already to enter this competition. Secondly you must also have been a cosplayer for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months before application.

The competition will have several phases, here’s a basic outline:

  • 28th October – Launch of the event & call for applications;
  • 11th November – Entries closed and all entries are sent to our 3 judges;
  • 25th November – Judges present their final 24, community members are called to VOTE;
  • 1st December – Voting closes;
  • 3rd December – Top 3 is known, winners are felicitated.

Our judges for the event will be Kearstin (Follow her on Facebook & Twitter), Kirsty Johnson (Follow her on Facebook & Twitter) & Monica Thomas (Follow her on Facebook & Twitter)

After all that stipulation, what is it that the winners actually get? Here’s the final break down.


  • 1st place → Contract with Kinguin + Cash vouchers worth 100 euros
  • 2nd place→ Cash vouchers worth 100 euros
  • 3rd place → Cash vouchers worth 50 euros

Apply away and if you know people who might be the winner well then refer them to this competition right away!


  • Know an amazing cosplayer who started less than 12 months ago? Direct them to this!
  • We’re happy to open a competition for the amateur cosplayers out there – could you be our winner?
  • Come one, come all – amateur cosplayers here’s your chance to make it big!

Hashtag to be used: #KinguinCosplay15

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