The Mpow Magneto Headphones offer great sound quality and design in a lightweight and wireless package. I’ve had very similar headphones to this and was not overly excited by them, but the Mpow Magneto have turned the heat up a notch.

The sound quality is great. Listening to music is a pleasure, everything is crisp and clear and there is a decent amount of bass from headphones of this type. I like to listen to a lot of different types of music for my testing and was very pleased across all genres. Even taking phone calls was a pleasure as I could hear the other person great and they said they couldn’t even tell I wasn’t using my normal phone which is nice.

The Mpow Magneto Headphones have some great features to them. First, they are magnetic which means if you use them for jogging but want to stop and take a break, or talk to someone you can easily take them out of your ear and connect them as if they were a necklace so no need to worry about losing them. Connecting them together will also stop any music playing or end a phone call should you be on one. Separating them will automatically answer the call or start the music back up! You can also connect two separate devices to them at the same time so you can connect a personal and business phone to them to make sure you don’t miss any phone calls while using them!

The overall design is nice and stylish. They are also lightweight so you don’t really notice them all that much when using them. The microphone is placed nicely so you don’t have to worry too much about trying to find it or yelling at it if using it to make calls. The USB charging port is hidden by an easily opened flap which is nice as it won’t ruin the overall look and experience of using the Mpow Magento Headphones.

When I first got these I thought they were going to be a bit overpriced as I have had almost identical headphones to this come through at much cheaper prices. However, Mpow has stepped up and proved why it is better to purchase from a well-known brand rather than buying the budget items as while they may all look similar, there is definitely a difference. For the current price which is around £25 this are amazing and will not let you down!

Disclaimer: I received these in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.