Let me start off by first saying that once I saw these, I completely forgot to check out the rest of the Astro stand and for that, I do apologize.

I have only ever used Astro headsets at events and do have to say they are quite nice! I am in the process of getting some in on loan, most likely the A40’s with Mix Amp so I can try them out for a bit longer period and do a review on them. However, these A50 Wireless look amazing! Wireless peripherals have seen many advancements over the years and are getting so that there is no much difference from their wired counterparts. There will be two main version, one for Xbox One and the other for PS4 with at least the Xbox one variant also being able to be used on PC.

If you’ve ever used a Astro gaming headset before you know that they are very good quality and offer some good performance. If you are looking to upgrade, or will be looking to in the near future it may be worth looking into the new A50 Wireless + Base Stations as these bad boys are a great headset! Many thanks to Astro for displaying these at i58 and hopefully we will be able to get a pair in for review at some point and share our thoughts with you al!



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