Games are always such a fun activity to get invested in, but they are always so much better when playing with friends. You can always find a few games that are designed explicitly with the multiplayer aspect in mind—a great way to play with others in your own home or through online means. Even casino gambling, such as sites like Vulkan Casino, allows card games and slots to be played with other people online. Here are some of the best games you can play with others right now, either with added multiplayer or specific multiplayer games.

Among Us

This game can be played on both mobile and PC, with the addition of a few console games too. This game has managed to become one of the most popular games in 2021 due to its accessibility for anyone to play. It is also free to play, which means that you don’t need to pay anything in order to install it on your device. However, there are some payments you can make, like extra levels, costumes, and game modes. The base version is entirely free, so it’s the perfect excuse to play with faraway friends.

The aim of this game is to find the alien imposter from a group of space explorers whilst simultaneously fixing up your spacecraft. While most of the little spacemen are doing tasks, there are some imposters pretending to be your crewmate. You must keep an eye out for any signs and alert your teammates if you know who the imposter is before they kill you all off. Anyone can die, and if you do, you are left to wander around the space station as an inconsequential ghost. Call a meeting before it’s too late and find out which one of your crew is sus.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This calm and peaceful game for the Nintendo Switch gives you a place where you can live out your cottage fantasies. Part of a series of successful titles, Animal Crossing, is made for those that wish to sit back, relax, and build their own little tranquil paradise. What makes it more fun is that you can play with friends, invite them to your place, and spend hours making a wonderful community. The game really focuses on working together and creating a space where you can spend all day performing menial tasks.

There are many activities you and your friends can take part in, all of which help you make a better place to live in. You can start farming to create wonderful dishes with, picking out turnips and other vegetables. You can purchase furniture and plan out your dream décor, creating the house you have always wanted to kick your feet up in. You can even invite a bunch of friendly animal NPCs who are always happy to help and provide some interesting conversation. This is your island, and your choices can impress your friends with a whole range of impressive feats.

Dead By Daylight

If you’re in the mood for some horror, then this is the game that will leave you feeling dread like no other. However, the experience may be a lot braver if you are willing to face these threats with your friends. Dead By Daylight is a game where you and your teammates must survive the classic horror situation. A ruthless killer is on the hunt for you, and you must do everything you can to try and avoid him in order to survive. What can make the matter even worst is that the killer is also played by either one of your friends or someone else online?

What makes this game so popular is the whole range of customisation options to choose from. For starters, there is the killer, which can be turned into anyone you can imagine. The killer can take the form of famous horror-movie icons such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Pyramid Head, and so much more. The survivors and even the location can be altered to fit your favourite horror series. This even includes popular shows like Stranger Things and games like Resident Evil. Use every tool at your disposal to create some terrifying situations.


This is a game that has reached YouTuber levels of popularity, being the number one multiplayer game to hit the scene from Epic Games. You and your fellow players will jump into a massive map where you will use all kinds of weapons to shoot your way out and cause all kinds of chaos. You can build up roads, create shelter, plant bombs, emote in hilarious ways, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot to discover in this game other than just shooting at other players, with all kinds of events happening as the game progresses.

Players can take part in Fortnite Tournaments where you can score the Victory Royale, which leads to many riches for you and your team. The amount of special cameos and weapons you can use is staggering, as even other game characters can make their appearance in the game. Use Thanos’s Gauntlet for untold destruction or use the Rick portal gun to the end who knows where. There will always be something new to find as the game updates regularly. So, why not play a game with your friends and see what is going to happen next.

Jackbox Party

If you ever want to have a family game night or wish to cause a riot with your friends, Jackbox is where you should go. You can download this on your PC or console and then play with your friends via mobile phone. The players will take part in a variety of games where you must use the smartphones touch screen controls to take part in various activities. Even audience members can join in on the fun if all of the player spaces have been taken. It can even be for those who just want to sit back and watch.

There are tons of games you can play depending on which Jackbox version you have purchased. Examples include:

  • Drawful
  • Fibbage
  • Lie Swatter
  • Quiplash
  • Trivia Murder Party

You can play word games that push you to write something funny in wild ways. You can play a trivia game based on a haunted house, where the players turn into ghosts if they lose deadly mini-games. You can draw and design your own T-shirts and then let the players choose who has the most creative piece. There are even bluff games where you must lie your way out of awkward situations. Choose a Jackbox Pack and see where what kind of fun your party can get up to.