Online casinos are already incredibly popular, with these only continuing to grow due to the emergence of mobile casinos. However, although the iGaming industry has been established for some time now, for a lot of people, betting is still considered quite a taboo subject. As a result, there are countless myths and misconceptions that revolve gambling. However, in order to uncover the truth,  let’s put these myths under scrutiny and dispel any misinformation they may contain so you can be fully informed regarding mobile casinos.

Betting at Mobile Casinos is Illegal

This is one of the most off-putting myths that can completely scare off new players from even giving mobile casinos a go. Casinos and betting are not illegal. If it were, then there would be no online or mobile casinos, to begin with. However, it is important to note that every country has its own laws around gambling, so this may differ depending on your residence. Gambling can be illegal in some countries and states, but in the UK, it is completely legal, and it is legal in every US state except for Utah and Hawaii. As long as you stick by your country’s gambling guidelines and play with a reputable site, you won’t be breaking any laws.

Mobile Casinos are Addictive

Ok, so this myth may not be entirely false, betting can be addictive, and you do have to be extremely careful, taking into consideration any signs which may indicate issues. Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to ensure your gambling remains responsible and not a compulsive behavior throughout the day.  However, this myth relates more to the idea that mobile casinos are always addictive or more addictive than their physical casino counterparts, as this perception is false. Addiction can be attributed to a number of elements and characteristics, not just what platform one chooses to engage in betting with. 

Mobile Casinos are Rigged

This is one of the most overplayed and widespread misconceptions about mobile casinos. Many people worldwide genuinely believe that casinos are rigged. However, established and trustworthy mobile casinos are not scams.

It is true that both physical and mobile casinos have a house edge. The casinos will always have an advantage and make a profit from their players. However, where ten players lose, one player wins. It’s not rigged; it’s just luck. 

Online table games have their own different strategies that play around with chance, and so do slots. However, one thing that is a constant between them all is that winning is almost entirely dependent on luck. The games are coded to be random and have to pass inspection to even be allowed to be published. Many players get frustrated with losing and, as a result, come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to win. But this simply isn’t true.

Furthermore, mobile casino developers have nothing to gain from fixing their games, as this act of fraudulence could get their gambling license revoked. All trustworthy casinos are fully licensed and follow strict regulations that they must follow to promote fairness for their players.

Live Table Games Strategies work on Mobile Casinos

Sadly, due to the randomisers at work on mobile casinos, card counting is ineffective and won’t work at mobile casinos. Even at physical casinos, they have added regulations to make card counting an extremely difficult challenge. 

Casino Streamers are Faking

If you are a regular viewer of casino streamers, you will already know that this is a myth. Casino streamers have no more luck than any other player; they just play for a lot longer than the average player. Many viewers think that casino streamers are fake due to the fact that whenever they watch a streamer’s highlights or videos, they seem to hit certain features. If they were to watch a full stream, however, they would see that their gameplay experiences don’t differ from regular players. However, it is essential not to try and replicate the gameplay of these streamers.

Mobile Casinos Don’t Pay their Players

This is another myth that has stuck around for far too long. If mobile casinos didn’t pay their players, then they wouldn’t be open anymore. The reputation of a mobile casino is very important as it determines whether players are going to use their site or not. If mobile casinos don’t allow players to withdraw winnings, then their reputations would be tarnished, and their licenses most likely revoked. There is no benefit to withholding winnings and delays may only be applicable depending on the preferred payment method.

I Should Switch Games After I Win

Similar to the myth that the games are rigged, this is also false and for the same reasons. It doesn’t matter how much money has been put into a game. Just because you haven’t won doesn’t mean you’re due to win any time soon, therefore it is essential to never chase any losses.


These are some of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding mobile casinos. These myths have been perpetuated for many years, but hopefully, this article has dispelled any fears surrounding mobile casino platforms. It’s important to do your own research and stay up to date with the latest advancements and trends so you can stay fully informed while betting. Regardless of the game though, responsible gambling should always be the most important factor.