Soundbars are a must-have for audio and movie enthusiasts. When paired with great surround sound products, a soundbar gives you that perfect in your face sound that many systems are missing on a premium level.  There’s only one problem with a soundbar, and that’s the placement and space required. SONOS has spent several years perfecting their PlayBase speaker to address this need with premium quality.

Introducing the Playbase by SONOS. A TV stand with a built-in center-channel speaker that will work solo, can pair with a subwoofer, or connected to a full SONOS network at home. The Playbase speaker is designed to hold the weight of TVs between 5 and 77 pounds without damage to the speaker or loss of full-theater audio quality. In fact, if anything lighter than 5 pounds is resting on the Playbase speaker, it would have a tendency to fly off from the sound. Engineers at SONOS have worked very hard to ensure that the Playbase can support a TV without any loss in quality.

According to SONOS, 70% of televisions rest on a piece of furniture. Do you ever look at your TV and think if you didn’t have a TV stand, where would I put the soundbar? Even then a soundbar is inconvenient, bulky, and has no other place to go except right there on the front of the TV stand. Of course, this speaker has all the same controls available as their other products. The SONOS app still gives you full control and access to multiple music streaming services all in one place that you can play on your speaker as you like, but this specific speaker has touch controls to control your music as well. The Playbase speaker runs $699 and is currently available on Amazon.

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