Could it be that OcUK is revamping their forums to deal with an increased number of people using mobile devices? Well, if you follow 5UB on Twitter, then it would appear so. Overclockers UK have been getting some flak for not updating their forums in such a long time, especially to deal with the recent influx of mobile members but it appears that will all be changing soon.

Whether you are from the UK or not, the forums at are well worth a look. The community is ever so helpful and knowledgeable about most things, even those not related to PCs. This forum is where I first got my start in the UK as well. When I moved here almost 8 years ago, it was the first forum I found that I enjoyed and while I mostly just lurk in the shadows, I do check it multiple times a day to see what is going on. From the OcUK staff to members like STULID, there is always someone there willing and ready to help you out with everything from questions on peripherals to speccing you a complete build to a certain budget. IF you have not been to the Overclockers UK forums yet, please go check them out no matter where you live.

While there is no official news on the release of the mobile ready forums, if 5UB posted it on twitter it is definitely in the works and should be coming soon! While I am primarily a PC user, it will be nice having the forum more accessible from mobile while I am out and about! Keep up the good work OcUK and look forward to checking it all out when it goes live.

P.S Go spam 5UB’s and Overclockers UK Twitter and tell them we sent you 😉