How to improve your mobile signal? There are some tricks that can help us significantly improve the picture on any mobile. In this article,  Uctel will share with you some tips, info on virgin signal booster services, and in general everything that will help you in case your mobile has a bad signal. 

Do you have a mobile with a bad signal at home? Don’t worry. Fortunately, there are little tricks that can help us solve this type of problem. If the picture on your mobile looks muddy or not perfect, it is best to find a solution to improve the signal. 

Mobile signal with antenna or cable

One of the first things we need to check is related to the type of antenna we use for our mobile. Not all devices have the same input, and sometimes that can be the root of the problem. 

1: Check the current state of the antenna

So the first thing we’re going to do is check the current state of the antenna on our mobile. A bent antenna is not the same as an antenna in optimal condition. If this is the concern, replace the current antenna with a new one and the difficulty will be solved.  

2: Check the wiring

If your mobile signal seems “noisy”, that is, as if there is snow, the most likely thing is that the signal is somewhat weak. Most often the issue is twisted or bent cables, bad cables, or bad connectors. 

The best solution to this is to check the condition of all your mobile cables. If you see anything strange, you can replace it with a new one. Also, be sure to adjust the connections, and if you can’t find a solution, contact a technician to reconnect.

It is logically impossible to remove the building or trees, but we can do something to remove the echo by changing the position of the antenna. Turn it until you find the indicated position.

3: Number of connected devices

A poor mobile signal can also be caused by the number of devices connected to the same antenna. In these cases, there is no need to disconnect the mobile. 

You just need to call a specialist to take care of creating and connecting new connections. Home connections are usually the worst source of mobile signal interference.

Now, if you have a digital mobile, and it is showing errors in the picture, you can also resort to a few simple solutions depending on the root of the problem: 

Check that all the connections are well-adjusted

Contact the company What does the mobile service offer you?

Try to install an amplifier to boost the signal via Uctel.

How to strengthen your home wireless network

Internet is one of the essentials of our lives. In addition to computers, cell phones and tablets, the wireless network, which we now use from almost all smart devices, has become one of the biggest requirements of a home today. So much so that even if we go to a house as a guest, one of the first things we ask may be the wireless network password. We have researched for you the answer to the questions of how to strengthen the modem at home and how we can solve the signal weakness problem.

Make fine channel settings of your modem

If you live in a multi-apartment building, you may see multiple networks in the Wi-Fi list of your electronic device. This may be because you are connecting to the Internet on the same channel as your neighbors. In such cases, you can get help from some applications to strengthen your signal level and switch from the default channel to the least used channels. This way, your signal level will be stronger, and your modem will not be affected by your neighbors’ devices.

What is a 4G signal booster? How does it work?

  • A 4G signal booster is an advanced device that receives a weak mobile phone signal and boosts it to improve connectivity, giving you clear calls, fast text messages, fast internet and a much better signal overall, by raising the bars on your mobile from one or two to five.
  • The good 4G coverage provided by the mobile signal booster ensures you can stream podcasts, music, TV programs, movies, and YouTube videos effortlessly. A 4G signal booster will ensure fast internet access in your home or office for many years to come, even in areas where signal reception has usually been very poor.
  • The 4G signal booster works by using three different components to boost the current signal in your building. An external antenna receives the existing weak mobile signal, a 4G repeater or amplifier boosts the signal using advanced technology and meanwhile an internal antenna relays the boosted signal to the rest of the building, ensuring that your mobile phone can be used seamlessly anywhere.


A strong mobile signal is essential in the modern world. If you’re struggling to stay connected at home or in the office, life can be frustrating. But there is a solution – a 4G booster. A signal booster boosts the phone signal in your buildings, ensuring you can stay connected to others at all times without having to stand in one place or go out looking for coverage.

Remember to also check that you can connect the antenna to your own equipment. If the connector on your device does not fit the antenna, you can use various adapters to help. However, you should buy a directly compatible antenna, as an adapter will always weaken the signal. The antenna cable also attenuates the signal, so it is best to use the shortest possible cable. As a rule of thumb, even a low-loss cable of 10 meters will cancel out the benefits of a desktop antenna. 

If you still have intermittent calls or a slow data connection despite a desktop antenna, you should consider getting an outdoor antenna. To solve mobile broadband problems, it is also worth considering getting an outdoor antenna right away if you can barely hear mobile phone calls inside. However, not all internet sticks and mobile phones have an antenna socket. In this case, you can use an inductive adapter to connect the antenna.