Taipei, Taiwan – Oct. 24, 2023 – Advanced Performance Nexus (APNX), a new player in the computer components market, has marked its first milestone with the global release of its first product. The gaming chassis represents the first in a series of products developed by the newcomer.

The people who formed APNX, however, are anything but new to the scene. The brand rests on the foundation of teams across Taiwan and Europe with over 20 years of experience creating and selling products in the gaming and PC hardware space. APNX is one of the first offspring of this nine-brand group, called Pro Gamersware, and benefits from the combined resources, expertise, and investment in the formation of its first line of products.

“This launch is a historical moment for me and I think many of the people in our team,” said Tony Lin, CEO of APNX. “We have been in this industry for decades and APNX is our first chance to collaborate and put everything we’ve learned into a single brand. So far the series has exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

What defines APNX’s products? Reliable performance and economical elegance., enter your content in the blocks below.

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The APNX C1: Reliable Performance, Economical Elegance
The C1 case is designed to perform right out of the box. Four 30mm APNX FP1 fans come pre installed in the case, delivering a boost to thermals without adding the need to buy separately. The fan frames are an extra 5mm thicker over standard 25mm-thick case fans. That little extra depth allows for wider fan blades, which in turn push air more efficiently. In APNX’s tests, the performance boost was anywhere between 30-50% over 25mm versions.

Achieving this level of thermal performance isn’t an issue for the C1, which provides perforated front, side and top panels for multiple cooling configurations. The interior allows for up to dual 360mm radiator support, 11 fan slots, clearance for even the biggest graphics cards, and an optional GPU card holder and riser cable kit (sold separately) for keeping chunkier cards aloft. If you want to go for a clean build, the removable cable management side bar on the motherboard backplate will help to funnel and hide your cables. If removed, you open up a bracket for additional fan or radiator options, which offers a further boost to cooling performance over the stock configuration.

The C1’s curved edges, smooth finish and toolless paneling make for a comfortable building experience regardless of how you want to build in it. Other features include:
• 8mm chassis thickness made of SGCC and SECC steel
• I/O panel ports: 2x USB 3.0 type-A, 1x USB 3.0 type-C, and a 3.5mm audio jack
• Two removable dust filters – one behind the front panel, and the other under the case
• Rubber grommets and velcro straps for cable management
• GPU Card Kit provides a card holder and riser cable (sold separately)

At the time of release, the case will be sold at an MSRP starting at £138.98. Color options include black, white, or a special grade ChromaFlare blue/purple finish. Availability may vary by region.

What Else is In the APNX Fall Line-up?

Along with the launch of the FP1 case fan – that comes included in the C1 case – is the aftermarket FP2 case fan. Like its FP1 cousin, the FP2’s 30mm design outperforms standard 25mm fans and is the best overall performer in the FP fan series. The FP2 comes encased in a premium steel plate frame and includes a reverse flow blade to let you customize your airflow direction.

The other cooling option is APNX’s AP1-V air tower cooler. The AP1-V boasts a 5-heatpipe design cased inside a professional-grade aluminum alloy frame, and a powerful 245W TDP to handle heavy workloads compared to its size.