Rainbow Six Extraction launched on the 20th of January, 2022, and it seems that most players like it. However, some gamers have not yet tried the game because they are concerned if it’s worth it. Some gamers think that it is just a re-skin of the ‘outbreak’ event in Rainbow Six Siege. Before you buy the game, here is our detailed review of Rainbow Six Extraction.

The Objectives

When it comes to video games that include some kind of infected enemies or zombies, most of them feel quite linear. In other words, the objectives are basic and don’t require much thought. However, some games manage to create unique and engaging objectives that are not as simple as ‘kill all enemies’. Rainbow Six Extraction is one of those games.

Primary Randomised Objectives

As soon as you jump into a map in Rainbow Six Extraction, you are presented with a random objective. This can include activating some computer terminals, hunting a certain enemy, or even capturing a certain enemy. 

After you complete an objective, you get to decide if you want to move on to the next stage. The next stage will have a new objective, with increased difficulty. Or you can just call it a day and extract after you have completed one objective successfully.

Operator Rescue Objectives

Another fun part of Rainbow Six Extraction is the semi-permanent out-of-commission feature for the playable operators. Because of this feature, if one of your operators gets taken out, you will not be able to select them and play as them. Rather, you would have to rescue them in one of the randomized objectives. 

Even after you rescue them, they will take some time to heal until they get back in fighting shape. This adds to the level of complexity of the objectives. It also helps in creating a sense of consequences so players have to be much more careful about how they play the game.

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Tactical Approach

The game favors a much more tactical approach over guns blazing. This is primarily because of the consequences that the players might have to deal with if they don’t use this approach. The game is also loaded with features to facilitate this tactical approach. The players are provided with tons of tactical equipment like flashlights, UV lights, and suppressed weapons.


At first glance, the maps look very nice. The overall design of the maps fits the game quite well, and they don’t feel too overdone. However, they may start to get stale for most players after they have spent some time playing the game. It is because all the maps use mostly similar textures and elements. It doesn’t take long for them to get boring.

Movement and Weapon Mechanics

If you are a fan of Rainbow Six Siege, then you are going to love the movement and weapon mechanics of Rainbow Six Extraction. It is because all the mechanics of Rainbow Six Extraction are quite similar to that of Rainbow Six Siege. One reason for this is that Rainbow Six Extraction was originally a short, limited-time event in Rainbow Six Siege.


One thing that you won’t like about Rainbow Six Extraction if you like Rainbow Six Siege is the enemies. In Rainbow Six Siege you had to deal with smart opponents with a new trick up their sleeves every time you faced them. However, the enemies in Rainbow Six Extraction are dumb, to say the least. This is even true if we compare them to AI enemies from other games.


Combining the consequences that players have to deal with if they are not careful and the complicated and engaging objectives, Rainbow Six Extraction becomes super enjoyable if you play with friends. You need proper teamwork for some objectives. Completing objectives with good teamwork feels quite satisfying.

The bottom line is that the game is actually quite fun. That is if you have two other friends that you can play with and have proper teamwork with. However, you will need to get over the fact that the AI enemies are not that engaging and the maps start to feel repetitive.