The REEVEN POLARIZ fan controller has made its way onto our test bench today. Fan controllers are great for users who want to add multiple fans to their build and either don’t have enough fan headers on their motherboard, or, they want to be able to control them with ease and not have to use a program or go into the BIOS. Not only are fan controllers designed to be functional, they can also offer a great aesthetic appeal to any build. There are many reasons why users may want to add a fan controller to their build and while I can’t decide if one is right for you, I can help you in the process of choosing one should you want to.

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The REEVEN POLARIZ is a 3-channel fan controller that features a 30W power output which they claim should be enough for most fans on the market at this current time. The POLARIZ is fully encased in metal and comes with three big knobs on the front that each control one fan and display the relevant information. Take our first look at the POLARIZ and it definitely looks nice, but is it a worthy option? Let’s find out.


Model Number RFC-04
Dimensions (W)148 x (H)42.5 x (D)98mm
DC Input DC5V & DC12V
DC Output 4V ~ 12V(±10%)
Output Ampere 2.5A per Channel
Temperature Range 0~99oC
Fan Speed Range 0~9990rpm
Weight 330g

Closer Look

In terms of design, the POLARIZ is all black and fully encased in metal except for at the back where everything connects. As mentioned, on the front there are three fairly big knobs that display all the info for each fan they are controlling. These knobs also turn, allowing you to turn the connected fan up or down.


When fans are connected and the POLARIZ is being used, users will see three different bits of information on the displays. Starting at the top, users will see the RPM of the fan, it’s worth noting that when turning the fans up or down, sometimes it may take a second or two for the correct RPM to display. Next is the temperature, which can be displayed in both C and F and is read from installing the included thermocouples inside your case. It is normally recommended to install these near the fans themselves so you know which fans need to be turned up or down. Lastly, we have the actual voltage that the fan is running at, as you turn the fan up or down, the voltage will change accordingly.


Over on the backside is where you will connect everything to make full use of the POLARIZ. Starting on the left and working our way right, we have the 3x fan connectors, which you will want to use with the included fan cables that come with the POLARIZ as you will not want to plug your fans directly into the controller. Next is the DC Power, which is just a standard SATA power plug which is found on most current power supplies. Sensors 1-3 are where you will plug in the thermocouples to allow for the reading of the temperature, which as mentioned can be changed between C and F thanks to the first little switch on the red box. The other three switches will allow for you to control the alarm settings for the controller and lastly, we have what some may consider the most important function, the mute beep jumper. For some reason, companies think that fan controllers need to beep loud enough for your neighbors to hear and as such, REEVEN have included an option to go ahead and mute this, thanks, guys!


Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, it’s hard to explain the ins and outs of a fan controller as it is one of those things, it really either works or it doesn’t. However, let me go ahead and try to elaborate a bit more than that.

Yes, the REEVEN POLARIZ works and it works well. However, there are some things to mention such as the fact that when turning the knobs to control the fan, you will not want to do them overly fast as they won’t register if you do. This is not a real problem, just something to be aware of and is similar with most items of this design. Other than that, when turning the knobs, you may need to wait for a very short period of time for the display and fans to catch up a bit. Again, not a problem, just something to make not of so you can use the POLARIZ as best possible.

The design is quite appealing. This is the first fan controller I have seen personally that is fully encased, which adds a sense of safety and security to it. It’s all black metal and three big knobs with displays on the front really do grab your attention. The only thing I think that would be missing is some sort of colour or RGB control to allow users to change the colour of the output on the displays. RGB is a big thing these days and I know for a fact other REEVEN fan controllers have these options.

The value is unfortunately where the POLARIZ lets us down a bit. That €47 price tag is a bit much for a fan controller that is pretty much designed to only control 3 fans. While you may be able to connect fan splitters and add more fans, they would need to be the exact same fan on the same channel and even then, the POLARIZ doesn’t come with any included splitters or accessories to aid in this matter.

What I would have loved to see is a way to have two fans work on each knob/display. This would allow then for users to control 6 fans with the one controller which is a much better option in my mind. Other than that, a few colour options or RGB on the display output would have been equally as nice.

If you are in the market for a fan controller and only need it to control up to three fans, the REEVEN POLARIZ will definitely get the job done and look good while doing so.

Big thanks to REEVEN for sending in their POLARIZ for todays review.

 Enos Tech Design Award