Sabrent has announced High-Performance DDR5 UDIMM Memory modules ranging from 8GB to 32GB per Module size in various kit sizes. It seems like DDR4 has ruled the roost forever. Finally, new motherboards and architectures have allowed memory to grow wings with the advent of DDR5. Improved clock speeds promise up to twice the bandwidth of DDR4, all with lower voltage for better efficiency. To further help with that last bit, DDR5 has on-board power management to reduce motherboard cost and complexity. Sabrent’s new DDR5 kits simply plug and play, install your memory kits of choice, enter the BIOS and hit AUTO, and reboot. For those that want to OC these kits, there is plenty of headroom to advance speeds if you want.


Reliability has also been improved by the introduction of on-die error-correction technology. Memory availability is improved by splitting the internal 64-bit (72-bit with ECC) channel into two independent, 32-bit channels (40-bit with ECC) and the addition of the same bank refresh. Combined with other features, including those that allow for up to four times the module capacity with consumer DRAM, DDR5 ensures your multi-core CPU won’t be memory starved.


Our DDR5 comes in both DIMM and SO-DIMM form factors to help you out, whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or other embedded device. We meet JEDEC standards to ensure compatibility and reliability. We offer a wide range of capacities at an affordable price to make upgrading an easy choice – even the installation process is easy. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for the newest technology to grace your machine.

Sabrent Rocket 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB DDR5-UDIMM’s 4800MHz Memory Modules highlights:

  • LESS VOLTAGE, BETTER EFFICIENCY: DDR5 requires less voltage, which results in lower power consumption than DDR4. On-module power management further increases efficiency and reduces motherboard complexity.
  • UP TO DOUBLE THE BANDWIDTH: DDR5 allows for up to double the bandwidth of DDR4, reducing a memory bottleneck. Content creation, gaming, and more will benefit from these rocket-fast speeds.
  • HIGHER PERFORMANCE: DDR5 has other internal improvements that lead to better overall performance. Make the most of your memory and reach the next level in gaming with these new technologies.
  • HIGHER CAPACITY: DDR5 can have up to four times the capacity in the same space, making sure you never run out of memory again. More is better, especially if you’re juggling sixteen cores or more.
  • COMPATIBLE AND RELIABLE: DDR5 also has improvements to error correction, making sure your experience is consistent and reliable. Further, our memory meets all JEDEC memory standards, so it’s easier than ever to upgrade and be on your way. Installation is always simple and easy, too.


Sabrent Rocket SB-DR5U-16G and SB-DR5U-32G details:

  • Lower voltage for lower power usage, cooler running
  • Better XMP for compatibility, better OC, dynamic = efficiency
  • Higher bandwidth, ideal for content creation
  • Performance is higher due to internal structure (gaming)
  • Higher density: 4x for client
  • On-die PMIC for better reliability, compatibility
  • ODECC for reliability
  • DDR5-4800/PC MHz/CL40
  • 280-pin UDIMM, 1.1V
  • 2×16/2x32GB Quad-Channel
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 133.35*31.25*2.27mm
  • SB-DR5U-8G
  • SB-DR5U-16G
  • SB-DR5U-32G

Pre-Orders and pricing will be available shortly.