Sabrent has informed us about the release of its new Gen-5 NVMe SSD named Rocket 5. The Sabrent team has been working very hard to bring this new product to market while working extremely closely with Phison to develop our new line of Gen 5 SSDs to push the boundaries to 14,000 MB/s and beyond. The Sabrent Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD can reach sequential read speeds of over 14,000 MB/s and sequential write speeds of over 12,000 MB/s, surpassing the existing PCIe 5.0 SSDs in the market. The Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD, developed in collaboration with Phison has exceeded Sabrent’s expectations and performance limits to bring the fastest Gen 5 SSD to the market.

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Below is the test result from Sabrent Lab showing what Sabrent aims at with the up-and-coming Sabrent Rocket 5 that we present today.

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The Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD’s performance in CrystalDiskMark tests is remarkable. Achieving over 14,000 MB/s in sequential read and over 12,000 MB/s in sequential write speeds is a significant accomplishment. These results demonstrate the potential of the Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD and set a new benchmark in the SSD market. Another critical metric is Random 4K Q1T1 results, where we hit 107 MB/s Read and 479 MB/s Writes, impressive indeed.

Not only are CrystalDiskMark results impressive, but Sabrent has informed us that they have seen this across the board with other benchmarks, such as 3DMark Storage Test, PCMark Storage Tests, Anvil, ATTO, and others. Sample artwork for the retail packaging is shown below.

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A big concern with users running Gen 5 SSDs is that they run very hot and often throttle down or even crash under heavy loads. Sabrent Lab tests show that the new Rocket 5 runs cooler than earlier Gen 5 SSDs. Most motherboards that can run Gen 5 SSDs with built-in cooling solutions can handle these new drives just fine. Sabrent has mentioned that you don’t need to install giant SSD coolers that we have seen used by others. If one wishes, Sabrent will have an SSD heat sink available for systems that do not have a built-in heat sink or for use on expansion cards running in a PCIe slot. Sabrent recommends using the Rocket 5 with a heat sink, be it the motherboard’s built-in heat sink or Sabrent’s Gen 5 Heat Sink. This new heat sink does not make a high-pitched whine and is well-suited for these new SSDs.

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The base specifications for Sabrent Rocket 5 SSDs are shown below. Please note that the 4TB version will follow later.

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The new Sabrent Rocket 5 will be available very soon.