Some slot gamers will swear down that you have to be tackling the slots in the physical realm at the real casino with those juicy-looking machines, others will claim that the comfort and security of challenging slot games from the comfort of your own home is even better. No matter what platform you play your casino games like Fruit Blast slots, be it in person or online, there will always be slot titles that you need to avoid.

It might seem a little pessimistic to suggest the slot titles that you need to avoid because aren’t all slot games loads of fun? While many of them provide players with good times and occasionally the odd payout, there are some slot titles that you need to be steering well clear of.

We, as always, are the helping hand and we are going to guide you away from the slot titles you should avoid and toward the ones that you must play.

What are the main kinds of slot titles you should avoid?

Perhaps you have found the one game that seems to pay you heaps of cash every time you play and shows no signs of changing, but not all slot gamers can be so lucky!

We have listed out the main themes and attributes of a slot title that indicates that you need to avoid them and the reasons why so that you can get back to doing what you do best… winning those massive jackpots!

  •         Progressive Jackpots – You might have heard bad things about progressive jackpot slot titles, and you should listen! Whilst the progressive jackpot’s jackpot looks incredibly enticing, they tend to have one vital flaw: terrible odds. Avoid this slot title at all costs if you want to win.
  •         Slots with an RTP lower than 97% – Some of you reading this might like the high risk/high reward slot titles, but if you want to make a profit then you have got to be avoiding the slot titles with an RTP lower than 97!
  •         Blockbuster slots – Word spreads around the slot gaming community very quickly, especially when there is a new and flashy slot title coming. Remember, however, the more a slot game costs to make, the worse the odds for the punters.

What are the aspects of slot titles that you should not avoid?

If you are going through the slots and choosing the ones to avoid, then you need to know the aspects of a slot title that make it worthy of playing.

As always, we have got you covered! Sit back, absorb the information, and ensure that you follow our guide to finding the slot titles you should not avoid:

  1.       Look out for good odds on games, this will ultimately bring the bucks into your bank.
  2.       If you see a juicy and trustworthy signup bonus for a slot title then snap it up!
  3.      Follow the forums and see what the community has to say. They always know what the slots that you should avoid are.