Team Group proudly announces the DRAM gaming series flagship, T-FORCE XTREEM 3733 module completed the overall highest frequency for DDR5260.8 MHz as the world record currently. This amazing record was done by well-known Thailand power user, Mr. Audigy (Mr. Krittanan Nanta) by using T-FORCE XTREEM DDR3733 module pair with the Limited edition ASRock Z170M OC Formula motherboard cooled by liquid nitrogen. 

        The world record this time for T-FORCE XTREEM is also the first one ever in the world to cross over DDR 5200 MHz barrier, meanwhile, HWBOT, a ultimate overclocking challenge site, has also listed this historic record certainly as well as verified by CPUZ database already. 

        T-FORCE XTREEM is well-designed by Team Group Inc., design team of Product Development Department using top notch aluminum extrusion process and CNC machining. The unique trench design with minimalist style as well as high quality brushed finish is able to increase the cooling area and overall cooling efficiency. Moreover, T-FORCE XTREEM insist of using hand screened high quality sorted Samsung IC to make every single module to promise the good overclockability and durability which will need to pass multiple rigorous internal factory tests. The line up for T-FORCE XTREEM start from DDR 3466, 3600, 3733, 3866, all the way up to 4000 MHz, definitely will satisfy all the hardcore gamer and powerful overclockers. No matter reliability or overclockability, T-FORCE XTREEM will give the best performance and bring more stunning world records. 


T-FORCE XTREEM memory, took the world record! XTREEM DDR4-3733 reached 5260MHz