Today, Lenovo is one of the most popular laptop brands in the world and for years it has firmly held leading positions when it comes to world market shares. But the choice is huge and a large number of models are available at various points of sale.

If you’ve ever bought a Lenovo laptop, then you surely know how you can choose from a really wide range of offers with a respectable number of model designations. Maybe when buying, you went deeper into the analysis of individual Lenovo series, so you roughly know the characteristics of some, but you have to admit that such a wide offer can confuse users, i.e. they aren’t sure which series of Lenovo laptops are exactly what they are looking for. That’s why in this guide we will try to provide basic information about all Lenovo laptop series and their subseries.

Lenovo divides its laptops into six categories: ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Yoga, IdeaPad, Legion, and Chromebook. Each of these series denotes a distinct style of a laptop, but within some of them, laptops are further divided into specific sub-series. Below we present their brief descriptions and an overview of the specifics of their laptops.

ThinkPad Series

The ThinkPad series is probably one of the first that users can recognize by name. It’s one of the oldest Lenovo series, which had its beginnings under the IBM brand in the early 1990s. The ThinkPad series is now under the Lenovo brand and can be said to be the ideal choice for business professionals, especially those who often go on business trips or spend many hours on them. ThinkPad laptops have high-quality batteries that ensure the possibility of long-term use of the computer and are often equipped with Rapid Charge technology, with which you can charge the battery up to 80% in 30 minutes.

ThinkPad laptops also have an Intelligent Cooling Engines feature where sensors detect how the device is being used and monitor its heat before turning on the fan. The ThinkPad series also has great microphones that cancel background noise and allow for excellent audio quality during video calls.

A feature of these laptops is that they still have TrackPoint, the red button in the middle of the keyboard that serves as a mouse replacement, and ThinkShield, an additional computer security feature that uses firmware to encrypt data, detect suspicious activity on the Wi-Fi network, and allow you to log into the computer through biometrics.

ThinkPad laptops are further divided into the following series:

  • T series – offers flagship models that enable a large number of working hours, are durable, and are equipped with the most powerful processors and batteries.
  • X series – this is Lenovo’s smallest series of laptops for business users, they are often “2 in 1” devices where the keyboard and screen are detachable, have a durable battery, and are also intended for business users who are often on the go.
  • X1 series – is made with premium laptops (sometimes “2 in 1” devices) for professionals who want the best security features, the best performance, and stylish and light devices.
  • P series – laptops for performing graphics-intensive tasks, have a lot of RAM, a larger capacity of internal memory, great processors, and graphics cards, they are recommended for web design, gaming, and playing on live Angolan casino sites and other trustworthy operators.
  • L series – they are characterized by a very affordable price and form the initial part of the range of business laptops within the ThinkPad series, they have a durable battery and a solid and traditional design, and they have all the security features like other Lenovo laptops.
  • E series – another series of affordable business laptops with classic style and relatively powerful performance.
  • C series – refers exclusively to Chromebooks powered by the Chrome OS operating system.
  • 11e series – this series has perfect laptops in the context of education and is practical for students or professors, has affordable prices, and is usually a quality and reliable laptop or Chromebook device.

ThinkBook Series

It shares a very similar name with the ThinkPad series so users tend to confuse them. Although the two series have some similarities, there are a few items where they are quite different.

The ThinkBook series is actually a “budget” version of the ThinkPad series. They have a lot of similar features, but the ThinkBook series is still characterized by more modest specifications and lower model prices. Think Book devices are therefore intended for individuals who are just starting their business and are not looking for a powerful computer for multitasking and complex business tasks. The ThinkPad series is still better for that.

Another obvious difference is that the ThinkBook series doesn’t have TrackPoint, while by design its models are just as light and practical for traveling as the ThinkPad series.

Yoga Series

The Yoga series represents premium Lenovo models that are often “2 in 1” devices. All Yoga models are stylishly special with clean, rounded edges and made of quality materials. Yoga laptops mostly have an entire body made of aluminum, while some of them come with a leather back. Although they are made of premium materials, these laptops are extremely light.

“2 in 1” devices from the Yoga series enable various forms of work, and you will recognize that part of the model because they have the word “Flex” in the name.

Yoga laptops look great, but they are also recognizable by their brilliant OLED screens and excellent sound characterized by Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos speakers. They also feature the Smart Power feature, which more effectively manages the laptop’s temperature and energy consumption through three available operating modes.

IdeaPad Series

Unlike the ThinkPad and ThinkBook series, the IdeaPad series is intended for users to perform everyday, common tasks. The models of this series have a very practical design and are light, so they are great to use when traveling. Most IdeaPad models are budget-friendly, so they can serve users well for personal needs or in the context of education.

IdeaPad, on the other hand, knows how to advertise itself as a series of laptops for gamers, but here we are dealing with cheaper models that can’t run more demanding games and have somewhat more modest performance.

IdeaPad laptops, like ThinkPad laptops, are divided into additional series:

  • IdeaPad 1 series – very affordable models intended for common tasks of the average user.
  • IdeaPad Flex series – the best-selling models from the IdeaPad series, they are mostly “2 in 1” devices that can be laptops or tablets, with their performance they are excellent for students.
  • IdeaPad 3 series – slightly more powerful laptops with an affordable price, get internal hardware upgrades from the IdeaPad 1 series.
  • IdeaPad Gaming series – these aren’t powerful gaming laptops, they can play a large number of today’s video game titles, they have NVIDIA graphics cards and Intel Core or AMD processors.
  • IdeaPad 5 – has improved components, powerful laptops that can run more demanding software, have durable batteries, ideal for business people and students.
  • IdeaPad 7 series – premium series with “portable” devices that are stylishly designed, have quality processors and solid graphics cards, laptops suitable for demanding multitasking tasks, and the latest games.
  • IdeaPad 9 series – the last echo of Lenovo technology, has all premium specifications.

Legion Series

If you’re a gamer, pay special attention to the Lenovo Legion series. It’s dedicated exclusively to gaming, and the price differences in the models depend on the type of graphics card (most often NVIDIA, but sometimes AMD). These laptops have lots of RAM, large memory capacities, powerful processors, and large WQXGA screens that make games look fantastic. The only drawback of this series is the low-quality batteries, which wear out quickly.

The Legion series is divided into:

  • Legion 5 series – affordable laptops with great screens and solid gaming specs.
  • Legion 7 series – laptops for true gamers on which any game will run without problems, premium devices with powerful components.

Lenovo Chromebook

Although Lenovo Chromebooks can be found within the C series of ThinkPad models, they are sometimes offered separately. 

If you, as a user, are familiar with the specifications of Chromebooks and how their Chrome OS operating system works, be sure to check out their Lenovo models that are great for normal work without using demanding software, extremely affordable, and come with excellent batteries that allow for a large number of hours of use.