What a time to be alive. Being able to hop on a plane without having to re-mortgage the house would have been unthinkable fifty years ago. 

Why? Well, without going into specifics, the turning point was in 1978 when the US deregulated the aviation industry. All you need to know as a consumer is that planning an adventure abroad has never been easier or more cost-effective.

An adventure, for clarity, needn’t be a trek through the jungle, a safari in Africa or a quest to find the lost city of El Dorado. Visiting a capital city, taking in a view of the ocean or visiting the site of a historical event are just as valid.

Now, how many of us love online slot games and have dreamed of visiting a proper land casino for the real thing? Right before concluding that travelling to a distant land just to play roulette, say, isn’t really advantageous -unless you make it part of a wider package!

So, we’re going to give you a list of five amazing places to visit, with each having at least one remarkable casino contained in a location bursting with adventure. So, come with us now as we travel across the globe seeking out the best casino adventures in the world!

Germany: Baden Baden

The oldest casino in Germany is a hidden gem. Almost literally as it lies in the heart of Germany’s sublime Black Forest.

The casino itself has been described as one of the most beautiful in the world. But if you’re smartly dressed, over 21 with ID and can stretch to the €5 entrance fee, you can discover this wonderful space for yourselves.

All of the classic games, including slots, are to be found here. And when you’ve had your fill of casino pie, the Black Forest and her stunning castles await you…

London: Maxims

The UK capital is filled to the brim with history and adventure. Knowing where to begin is another story, mind you.

Why not start by following in the footsteps of some of England’s past kings and queens and take it from there? There are loads to discover here, so plan a schedule carefully, and then visit Maxims, one of the finest casinos anywhere in the world.

Built by Charles Dickens’s friend John Forster in 1862, Maxims is bursting with features that hark back to its opulent Victorian past. It’s open 24 hours a day and boasts exquisite food to match the lavish interior.

It’s a member’s member-only club, but so long as you apply 24 hours in advance and have the right credentials, you’re invited. Don’t forget to dress smartly.

Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Casino

One of the best things about Marina Bay is that you don’t need to travel too far for adventure. Really, everything is on your doorstep -think of it as a holiday resort on a huge, sumptuous scale…

And by huge we’re talking a 2,500-room hotel, restaurants, bars, shopping outlets and, of course, the casino all contained in three giant towers under an amazing walkway. The 15,000-square-metre casino space features 500 odd gaming tables, 1,600 slot machines, more than 30 private gaming rooms and an atmosphere unlike anywhere in the world.

Finally, we can’t let this one go without mentioning the seven-ton chandelier in the casino. It’s made up of more than 130,000 Swarovski crystals, making it the largest in the world!

Bahamas: Baha Mar Casino

With all due respect to the massive Baha Mar Casino (with 1,000 slot machines and 119 tables), there are quite a few casinos in the Bahamas worth mentioning. But this one tips the balance on account of its amazing interior and location, right on the white sands of Nassau’s Cable Beach.

This a grand casino in paradise, so it’s not hard to figure out where the adventures lay beyond the games. But just in case you need some help, there are scores of uninhabited islands to visit, not to mention the exotic wildlife and seas so blue they look almost unreal.

In terms of all-round beauty, this one takes some beating. So, we’re not even going to try, instead, we’ll end in the very place you were thinking of visiting first…

Las Vegas.

Okay, we’re going to go ahead and chicken out of recommending just one place to play casino in Vegas. Nor are we going to even bother addressing the ‘adventure’ aspect as virtually everything you do in this desert city becomes one by default!

It’s not all about the enormous number of casinos either (about 150), what makes Vegas such a draw is Vegas itself. It’s like a playboys, or playgirls, paradise and could be the best place in the world just to people-watch 24 hours a day.

After all, they don’t call this town sin city for nothing!