There are a few sources of entertainment that are consistent in most households all over the world. One of them is the sweet escape of playing online video games. In Canada, the video gaming industry has been growing nonstop over the years, and by the year 2026, it will be worth $321 billion. 

However, one of the main concerns around online gaming in Canada is safety. Many times, users have experienced a breach of trust by getting their personal information leaked. 

In this article, some methods by which you can be cautious while playing video games online will be discussed, such as downloading games from trusted sources only, use VPNs for spoofing your location and playing safely. 

And if for some reason you are tight on budget, you can use the best free VPNs in Canada to provide you protection for your identity from third parties and prevent them from infiltrating your device. 

By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy and knock out your gaming opponents. 

Use a Good VPN Service

The biggest threat when surfing online is to one’s safety. When your identity is exposed on the internet, it puts you at an increased risk of your personal information being leaked online to hackers or cybercriminals. You can prevent this from happening by using a VPN.

VPN stands for ” Virtual Private Network.” It masks your IP address and helps reroute the internet connection through a secure server, which in turn protects your identity. You can go a step further and use a firewall along with a VPN to make sure no viruses get into your computer system.

It is essential to use a VPN if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi service while playing online games as most of them are unencrypted, which allows hackers to easily get access to anyone connected to the network.

Avoid Using Personal Information

The internet is an information minefield – by entering your personal information, there is a risk for it to be compromised. When registering for the game, make sure not to use your name, age, date of birth or anything else that can give away your identity. If a picture is required for an avatar, do not upload a picture of yourself. 

People who play online games are not always who they claim to be. If you’re conversing with someone over the game, do not tell them anything about yourself. For all you know, they could be someone who is just interested in acquiring your information so that they can hack into your accounts.

Beware of Cheat Codes 

A cheat code or program is a shortcut provided to the gamer when they are facing a challenge in getting to the next level of the game. However, when you download this program, it may contain viruses and spyware that can infiltrate your device without you knowing. This is where using a VPN can play an important role in masking your identity.

Only Use Trusted Sources

If you are downloading games, make sure they are from authorized, legitimate websites. In Canada, places such as the App Store, Playstation Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store are safe to use, along with websites that have an SSL certificate. These games must be updated as soon as the new software becomes available, as the older versions can have loopholes that may put you at risk. 

Report Harassment

Users are usually able to interact with each other through online games. Use this space kindly and productively. Some unethical users take advantage of this feature to bully or harass other users by using foul language and making them feel uncomfortable. Most games provide an option to report any odd experience, so if this happens to you, make sure to report users who have a toxic behavior. 

Use Parental Controls

As a parent, if your children are playing online games, it is your responsibility to enable the parental controls feature on your computer. This allows you to take control over which content they are exposed to, as some games are not designed for children due to depictions of violence, inappropriate language, or adult content.

Create a Good Password

Usually people use a mediocre password to guarantee that they will remember it. However, it’s important that you come up with a strong password that is a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and characters. 

Take Breaks Frequently

Getting addicted to video games is very easy. If you’re an adult, set limits for yourself on how long you can play. If you’re a child and feel like you cannot stop, talk to an adult and let them know. It is very important to take breaks frequently, as playing for long periods of time can be harmful for both your mind and body. 

Remember – It’s a Game

Gaming is supposed to be a fun activity. Do not mimic the actions involving weapons, driving, or social interaction in real life. If you feel yourself getting so competitive that it affects your mood, maybe taking a breather will help in this situation.


In conclusion, online gaming is a good way to distress yourself. However, it is crucial to stay safe online so you do not end up exposed to any threats of having your information leaked to cybercriminals. By following these simple tips, you will be able to enjoy your time to the fullest.