TikTok is perhaps the most controversial social media platform we have right now. This short video-streaming app from China has stirred up more debates than any other app in the last few years. As a result, many countries ended up banning TikTok entirely! Then again, it’s still available in more than 150 countries worldwide, the UK being one of them. With a user base of over 2 billion worldwide, it’s no wonder that TikTok has the power to influence pretty much any industry, including online casinos with live dealers!

When we say any industry, it indeed includes online casino gambling. Precisely, online casino games. In this post, we’ll try and contextualise online gambling to the biggest TikTok trends. So, if you’re looking for a way to impact the industry, this Chinese app might be the tool you’ve been looking for.

Where Can You Find TikTok Trends?

Before you can follow or even start a trend, you must know where to find them. For example, when you’re playing an online casino game, you know where to find it, and that’s why you can play it. The same theory applies to TikTok.

Once you open the app, you should find the “Discover” tab on the internet. That’s the tab where all the magic happens. When we say magic, we mean the content you like and want to follow. There’s no way to deny that the app is filled with overly cringy and unnecessary videos. But your job is to find the best ones.

The good thing is TikTok uses a data-driven algorithm to predict your preferences. While many other social media platforms use the same technique to get inside your head, TikTok does it best. Another way to find new trends is by searching for trending hashtags. Yes, we’re referring to the same trend stuck in the UK and the world since 2007! So, technically, the use of hashtags is a trend that precedes most other social media trends you can find right now!

How Do Videos Work on TikTok?

Videos on TikTok are short, with a maximum length of 60 seconds. Users can record videos directly in the app, or upload videos from their phone’s camera roll. Videos can be edited with filters and other special effects. When users upload a video to their account, the audio is crucial. Different content creators use different types of audio. Some use voiceovers, some use funny music, and some use music.

What track you choose often plays a significant role in the trend you’re getting into. At least in the last couple of years, the biggest TikTok trends have been associated with music tracks. The most used tracks include:

  • “The Nights” by Avicii
  • “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X
  • “Earth” by Lil Dicky
  • “Crystal Dolphin” by Engelwood

Videos on TikTok can be shared with other users in the app, or on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. TikTok has an Explore section, which showcases popular videos from across the app. Let’s review some trends and see if they fit our gambling context.

The Flashback Trend

Flashbacks are always enjoyable regardless of how you use them in your content. They create a lot of nostalgia when you look back to memory after many years. Most people stick to photos of their friends, family, or pets. Some use video clips they shot spur of the moment.

When you add a piece of music that goes well with the photo or the video, it’s an all-in-one package for the average viewer. In the last couple of months, users have been spending hours at a time scrolling their feeds and watching flashback videos.

How can you blend the best online casino into a flashback trend? To be honest, you can’t. Unless, of course, you have a photo of winning from a no deposit bonus or free spins from back 

Recreate the Object

This is a fun one for those who’re making it and watching it. The idea here is simple. You turn away from the camera with an object in front of it. You don’t know what the object is unless you turn around.

You turn around, see the object, and recreate it with your body. The final result looks fantastic in these concise videos. People have used all kinds of objects like scissors, spoons, sticks, straws, and whatnot.

Let’s make a table so you can understand exactly how this trend works.

Object Your body position
Scissors Your legs are the handles, and your arms are the blades. Move your arms across your body to recreate the scissor.
Straw Stand straight. If it’s a curved straw, bend the upper portion of your body.
Fork Put your hands on your face and spread your fingers to look like forks.
An egg Sit down on the floor and curl yourself like an egg.

Like the previous trend, you can’t use it for the best online casino game unless you’re highly creative. For example, you can be a slot machine reel that spins. Or, you can be a casino chip rolling over the floor. It’s your canvas to fill!

TikTok and Esports

Esports titles have slowly become an essential part of the overall online casino gambling paradigm. Its presence is undoubtedly more prominent among sports bettors. Although we try to focus more on casino games, we can’t ignore that sports betting makes up half of the iGaming industry! Interestingly, this microcontent platform has had a major impact on esports, influencing the online casino gambling world of the UK. Advertisers and brands are in the eye of the storm as TikTok emerges as one of the most powerful tools for them.

This is a relatively new development for this app, because initially, it was not known for its casino or sportsbook marketing prowess. As advertisers realise the potential for growth using 60-second messages, its usage is booming.

One of the main reasons behind the emergence of TikTok as an advertising platform is the use of artificial intelligence algorithms. It helps consumers and advertisers to co-exist within the same ecosystem. Also, the matching is phenomenal. It means you’ll only come across casino ads that you’re interested in. If it’s dollar deposit casinos, so be it. It could be products, it could be serviced, or it could be online betting sites that offer esports. The last part of the previous sentence will only come true if you’re actively following content creators from the esports world. Or if you’re a creator yourself.

In 2020, TikTok was headlining the news based on its partnership with Tundra, an esports team. The players from the team are proficient in FIFA 21, and they’re pretty well-known in the UK. The reason behind this partnership is simple. Videos with the FIFA tag got more than 3.3 billion views that year!

Also, FIFA is a trendy title among gamers, viewers, and punters. So, TikTok has killed many birds with one stone with the partnership with Tundra.

The other popular esports gamers on TikTok are:

  • 100 Thieves
  • FaZe
  • LOUD

Based on the results, we believe it’s only a matter of time before betting operators start using TikTok for their marketing. Sure, an online betting site may not specialise in esports only. And to be fair, the markets for other bets are more profitable for the bookmakers anyways.

However, the migration in the advertisement channel will start with focusing on esports betting. Then, when the time and context are correct, the operator may move on to other sports.

TikTok and Online Casino

Believe it or not, “online casino” is one of the valid search terms on TikTok’s “Discover” page. In fact, “live casino” is another famous tag. If you try these search terms on your account, we’re confident you can find hundreds of short clips portraying online slots, casino bonus, unique deposit/withdrawal procedures, and whatnot.

In all cases, slots will get the most traction. It’s simply because this is the most popular type of casino game across the world, including the UK. If you’re not familiar with the games in the slots category, you can check out slotozilla.com/uk/. It’s perhaps the perfect place for you to brush up on your free slot games skill!

Some popular casino games you can play right now on Slotozilla include:

  • Buffalo
  • Quick Hit
  • Eye of Horus
  • Cleopatra
  • Book of Darkness

You can even try to search for a game that you found in one of the TikTok videos while scrolling. When you find the game on slotozilla.com/uk/, you can play in demo mode without spending real money. And if you like the casino game, then you can decide to use real money.

Did you see the sequence of how all this happened? A less than 1-minute video intrigued you to check out a game in accessible mode. And then, you decide to play the game for real money, making the casino brand a profit. It goes to show how powerful of a marketing tool TikTok can be in upcoming years.

Just like the games, casino operators can market their bonuses to the players in the UK. A no deposit bonus has been and always will be the most generous and popular bonus from the best online casino. It’s even more glorified simply due to the unavailability.

If you see a no deposit bonus on a TikTok video where the content creator is getting the bonus right in your account in front of you, won’t you feel the urge to do the same? The same sentiment, as well as insights, work for free spins bonus for mobile slots and regular slots. Unlike other bonuses, the bonus spins only work on games with spinning reels.

Last but not least, TikTok also helped popularise casino table games like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, and whatnot. You can use the name of the titles as your search query on TikTok. Every time you do that, you’ll find a series of bite-sized videos that can take your online gambling experience to the next level.

The most popular casino table games in the iGaming industry are:

  • Online/Live Roulette
  • Online/Live Baccarat
  • Online/Live Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Video Poker

Wrapping Up

From the moment it was launched in China, TikTok was destined to change how we view the world from the UK. It first showed us that a video clip shorter than 60 seconds could send a message, sometimes more strongly than a feature film. Since its inception in 2016, TikTok has been in and out of many industries, as well as seen a lot of ups and downs. When writing this page, the craze has died down, with more than 2 billion active users on the platform! So, it’s safe to assume that every trend you can think of will influence the best payout online casino and vice versa.