Card games have amassed a large fan following in present times. If you are interested in card-playing, there are plenty of games that one can choose from, including rummy, spider solitaire, poker, and call break ranking as the most top-rated games on the Internet. Furthermore, the advent of mobile gaming and easy access to the Internet has made even more players jump on the bandwagon. Moreover, people have gotten stuck indoors due to the COVID virus isolation, leading to a staggering rise in the number of new players.

Here are some card games that actively draw a massive number of online players from all corners of the world.

Spider Solitaire

This game was made famous by Microsoft Windows. It can only be played by one person but uses two decks. Therefore, the playing field for the game has to be observed to understand the game entirely. The field has three sections in total.

The first section is the tableau where the game is played—fifty-four cards from the two decks containing 104 cards that you arrange in 10 columns. During the dealing, you keep the top cards facing upwards.

The other separated part, which has 50 cards, is called the stock. Every tableau column is granted a new card whenever a player taps on the stock.

The last part is called the foundation. Eventually, all 104 cards need to be assimilated here in the manner of their colors. The placing of the cards will be in 8 stacks going from King to Ace.

The game’s primary goal is to transfer all cards from the original tableau towards the foundation. To achieve this feat, you must arrange all cards from the tableau in descending order within the same suit and the desired order.

At present, the game can be played in 1v1 mode online, where players can compete against an actual rival.

Call break

Call break is among the most accessible card games that one can learn. The game has been around for many decades and is defined as a trick-taking game. The game is played using one whole deck of cards. All 52 cards are divided equally among four players, where each player gets 13 cards. The objective is to win the maximum hands by calling bids during each round. The first player then deals with a card that all the other players must follow. If any player does not have the same suit, then they can play a card of any suit or deal with a trump to win the hand. Spades are the default trump in a call break game. The ranking for cards in the game are A, K, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 in the descending order of power. Each hand is won by drawing the highest trump card among the four. The game is also popularly linked to Spades, another viral card game from the land of America.

Cube Solitaire

Solitaire is seen as one of the best head-to-head games on the Internet. It is a renowned oldie that every person has played on their private computer at least one time. The game is very similar to the original solitaire but has some twists added to the rules to make it a quicker experience for online players.

This version of solitaire is played with 54 cards and four suits. 

The rules are pretty simple. The suits of the cards have to be developed from Ace to King in the tableau section and transferred into the foundation pile. It is a guaranteed pass time and works the brain, increasing their problem-solving skills.


Rummy is a card game widely considered a king among skillful traditional games. Among card games, rummy is the most popular and has several different variants across the planet. However, the basics of rummy remain the same in all formats. The game demands the players to arrange cards they received at the beginning. Then, the player has to form combinations that require a proper declaration in the end. While placing the cards, the players have to constantly draw and discard new cards from the deck to create a perfect hand. The best hand draws a win in the game.

Players can get quite nervous while playing these games online as the multiplayer platforms have real cutthroat competition. Losing a match or tournament money can be heartbreaking for any player. During times like these, players need to keep their vision fixated on these few tips that will help eliminate the anxiety around the competition.

  • Focus On The Opponent’s Moves

The more nervous you get, the more chances are you will be distracted. Players need to focus on their rival’s moves in times like this. Driving attention towards the opponent’s game will reduce your anxiety and help you manage any loss suffered.

  • Don’t Overthink

Since real money is involved, players tend to overthink every move they make, which often becomes the sole reason behind high cases of anxiety. In the case of inexperienced players, this results in losing the game due to moves made in a hurry. The players have to calm down, organize their thoughts, and plan the next move to stop this. Overthinking will make you more anxious, but planning helps you win the game.

  • Don’t Rush Decisions.

The mistake players often commit while under anxiety is rushing with their decisions. The result is losing consecutive hands and getting behind rivals. The top reason for angst is the nervousness clouding the possibility of losing the tournament money. The piling up of bad deals results in the player getting even hastier and eventually losing the game. Under such circumstances, the player should be aware and calm no matter their position in the game. Making calculative moves occupies the mental faculties of the player and lowers their level of anxiousness. 

As easy as it may seem, card-playing involves a lot of skill and brainpower. Getting emotional and hasty with decisions makes the player stressed during games, especially in the online format where the real money is involved. The tips above will surely come in handy to restless players and help them in times of competitive online card-playing.