If you are a beginner at Valorant and are looking for ways to get better, you are at the right place. Here are our top tips and tricks to help beginners improve at Valorant. 

Perfect Your Aim

While first-person shooters are generally heavily focused on your ability to aim, not all games are that way. For example, if you have great strategies in Rainbow Six Siege, you can perform really well while having an average aim. 

However, some games are heavily focused on your ability to aim. Valorant is one of those games. If you have a precise aim, you are going to do well in Valorant. This is why it is really important to perfect your aim if you want to get better at Valorant.

Adjust The Mouse Sensitivity

Before you start perfecting your aim, you need to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. If you don’t have a sensitivity optimal for first-person shooters and aiming, you can try perfecting your aim however much you want, but you won’t be making any improvements. 

Mouse Acceleration

The first thing you should do to optimize your sensitivity for Valorant is turn off mouse acceleration. Mouse acceleration changes your sensitivity while you are in the middle of moving your mouse, depending on how fast you move your mouse. This inconsistent sensitivity will result in an inconsistent aim. To turn off mouse acceleration, head over to the pointer ‘options tab’ of ‘mouse properties’ and uncheck ‘enhanced pointer precision.

Sensitivity and DPI

After deactivating mouse acceleration, you can now move on to the actual sensitivity part. A general rule of thumb is that you want a high DPI with low in-game sensitivity. To do this open the software for your gaming mouse and increase the DPI to a high value. Once you have done this you can go into the in-game settings and lower your sensitivity. 

Valorant tricks

The combination of DPI and in-game sensitivity should result in an average sensitivity that allows you to make a complete 180-degree in-game rotation with one swipe of the mouse. If you are not able to complete the full rotation, try increasing the in-game sensitivity or DPI a bit. If you go way over the 180-degree mark, try lowering the in-game sensitivity or the DPI.

Train Your Aim

Once you have all the things in place for perfecting your aim, all you have to do is train. You get consistent aim with muscle memory, and the only way to train your muscle memory is through practice. Try to have at least a 15-minute practice session for your aim every day, either in the shooting range or by using an aim trainer. 

Strafe Shooting

Strafe Shooting is a bit of an advanced technique however, we will only be discussing the beginner variant here, which is not that difficult to master. 

We know that in Valorant, the recoil of your weapon will be a lot higher if you shoot your weapon while moving. In other words, if you try to shoot an enemy while you are moving, then your aim will be a lot less precise, and you will not be able to land accurate shots. If you want to land accurate shots, you will have to be completely still while shooting. 

That being said, staying still in Valorant makes you an incredibly easy-to-hit target. The solution to this problem is strafe shooting. With the help of strafe shooting, you not only become a harder target to hit, but you are also able to land precise and accurate shots. 

To strafe shoot all you have to do is move left and right in the middle of a gunfight. As you move to the left or the right, let go of the ‘A’ or ‘D’ key for a brief second or two, shoot a quick burst of several rounds and then quickly move to the opposite direction and repeat the process.

These are by far some of the most effective tips that a beginner can employ. We have tested out each of them ourselves and have seen great results. Try one out for your selves and see which one helps you the most. That said, if you wish to learn more on how you can get good at competitive FPS games, you can check out our other guide here.