Competitive first-person shooters are getting more and more popular. A lot of players are looking for ways to get better at them. Here is our complete guide on how you can get better at competitive FPS games.

Hardware Upgrade

One of the most common reasons why gamers are not able to perform to their full potential is bad hardware in their gaming computer. No matter how talented a gamer is, if their gaming computer is not able to provide a lag-free gaming experience, their in-game performance will always remain restricted to some extent.

New Gaming Components

While a hardware upgrade from poor-performing hardware will always result in the most improvement in the in-game performance of a gamer, peripheral upgrades are also worthwhile. Here are the most popular peripheral upgrades that you can make. These are also the ones that will yield the most amount of in-game performance boost.


A gaming mouse is one of the most important parts of a gaming computer for gamers who play first-person shooters. If you are using a normal mouse right now then a gaming mouse is a must upgrade for you. You will notice a massive difference in your in-game performance after you switch from a normal mouse to a gaming mouse.


First-person shooters are not all about the mouse or the aim. These days, first-person shooters are becoming much more tactical, especially the competitive ones. With these tactical FPS games, the ability to properly hear the enemy’s footsteps becomes crucial. For this, you will need a proper gaming headset.


A gaming monitor has tons of features that help in FPS games. For example, more refresh rate, lower response time, and anti-ghosting. However, it is one of the more expensive upgrades so you should keep that in mind.

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Lower Your Sensitivity

One of the biggest mistakes that most gamers make is playing on super high sensitivity. In first-person shooters, you need to have a precise aim, and with high sensitivity, it is not possible. So try lowering your sensitivity a bit and see how it helps you.

Use Aim Trainers

If you want to get a better aim, there is nothing better than aim trainers. Aim trainers are like video games that you can only play with your mouse. Aim trainers throw tons of targets at the screen that you constantly have to aim and shoot. This helps in perfecting your aim.

Learn The Map

In most first-person shooter games, there are certain locations on the map that most people like to stay at. So it is best that you learn the map and learn all those locations. Once you know the most common locations where enemies might be, you can easily prefire those locations and get an easy kill.

Aim At The Head Level

This is another popular mistake that most gamers make. Most gamers play first-person shooters while aiming at the ground. If you see an enemy in front of you, the time it will take to move your aim from their feet to their head will decide if you can kill them or not. It is best that you keep your aim at head level so you have to spend less effort trying to kill enemies. 

Get A Proper Squad

Most first-person shooters are team-based. If you are playing these games as a solo player then you are probably going to lose a lot of matches. It is best that you find yourself a squad of other players that are as dedicated as you. This will also teach you how to employ proper teamwork.

Learn To Take A Break

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of competitive gaming. If you are on a losing spree right now, it is best that you take a break and play some other casual game for a while. This will relieve some of the stress and help relax your mind.

While all these tips are great and quite effective, nothing beats practice. You can have all the best tips in the world, you won’t make any kind of improvements if you don’t put in the practice. So make sure to practice after you apply some of the tips mentioned above.