Why is it Important to have a Professional Linkedin Profile?

LinkedIn is a popular business-related social networking website for professionals. The network contains more than 500 million members in more than 200 countries. A well-written LinkedIn profile gets more visibility which helps in grabbing more opportunities and networks. This is something impossible without technology and social media.

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Although many users take LinkedIn profiles for granted and underestimate the potential it can bring to the network. Most users have incomplete profiles on the network. They also have not updated most of the details as they haven’t used the profile for months, thinking that the platform is not lucrative in hunting for better career opportunities and works similar to the other popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

However, this is not true since the platform has a plethora of opportunities available for professionals looking for jobs or business opportunities. It even shares notifications of popular events happening relevant to their niche, which helps in job and business opportunities. Still wondering about why it is important to have a well-written LinkedIn Profile, here are some reasons explained below:

Human Resource Managers Use LinkedIn

It is one of the best ways to find job opportunities. In fact, according to statistics, 87% managers find LinkedIn useful for shortlisting potential candidates. 90% of the candidates shortlisted through it are under the age of 45 years.

An active and professionally put-together LinkedIn Profile increases your visibility in its search engine against the searches that different companies do to hire people related to your skills and expertise. In simple words, employers will approach you after going through your profile if it matches their job description. Moreover, 75% of people who have recently switched their jobs use the platform to inform everyone in their network.

Helps to Build Trust and Credibility 

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Your Profile is a great way for building credibility and trust with employers and hiring managers. They can easily cross-check all the connections and recommendations mentioned on your profile. Every time you get a call or an email from a recruiter via LinkedIn, you should know that they have reviewed your profile. Your profile is like the recommendation of an actual person, which gives it an edge over a traditional resume or CV.

There are LinkedIn profile writers available to help you sort out your profile according to the best of your abilities. Just like there are proper rules for writing a tech research paper, a resume or a CV, there are steps you need to take for optimizing your LinkedIn profile. You can also read expert advice through the blog section of different professional copywriting firms such as resume writing lab. This will help you to learn more about the optimization of your profile.

Using LinkedIn for Research

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It is a great way for researching companies, recruiters, interviewers, and recruiting managers. This is particularly useful before submitting job applications and finding out information about who is interviewing you.

LinkedIn Offers a Separate Job Board Section

Compared to the traditional job boards, a LinkedIn job board is updated and contains new opportunities. You can easily apply to your desired job through this job board. You can also save job searches and send notifications across the network, including recruiters that you are open to avail yourself of new opportunities.

Gain Social Proof for your Experience and Skill

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It is a great platform to get recommendations for your skills and previous experience. When you get recommendations on your profile, it acts as proof of your expertise and skills. This helps in making more connections. This also helps in building credibility through testimonials and endorsements, which your contacts leave on your profile.

Follow Potential Companies

You can use this to target people within your network that work for organizations that you really want to work for. It also offers you an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. And the faster you start this networking, the better it will be down the line. Regardless of whether you currently are working, you can make use of your network of connections if you are looking for other employment.

For Researching Organizations & People

LinkedIn is a great tool for researching potential organizations and their employees. You can use this option to search for organizations through the people already working there and who are also present in your network. Moreover, your connections have their own network and can be used for introducing you to various companies that you want to work for. You can also look at your LinkedIn account as a digital index for adding potential people you know or have met a few days or even months and years ago.

Networking through LinkedIn Groups

Similar to Facebook Groups, there are LinkedIn groups that work great for building connections and your network. Unlike Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups contain professionals with similar interests and expertise related to your work industry. You can participate in the group discussion for sharing your knowledge and building credibility. This also is a great way to learn more from the experienced people present in the group.


There are endless benefits of having a professional and well-written LinkedIn profile. You can enhance, and share your knowledge, connect with like-minded professionals, and that too without any charges. From business to job opportunities, the platform helps you in the best possible way to land your desired job with as little effort as possible. 

However, you must have a well-optimized and active LinkedIn profile to avail all these opportunities. Don’t forget to build your network, follow company pages and join professional groups in your industry to increase your profile visibility and reach.