The PC is a tremendously important commodity in this tech-oriented era. So much of everyday life is conducted online these days that a good, reliable PC is something not many people can afford to be without.

The best ones have powerful components that make them suitable for handling work tasks and for leisure pursuits like playing the popular casino games at 888. For most people, the solution to the need for a good computer is to research and then buy one based on its specifications.

There is another option though and that is to build your own PC from scratch. That might sound like an impossible job, but read on to find out why that is not the case.

Buy vs. Build: Why Choose the Latter?

Most people will react instantly against the idea of building their own PC on the basis that it will be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Why should you go through all of that when there are perfectly good computers available to buy?

Well it is true that building one is all of those things, but it also offers very real benefits that you cannot get by opting for a prebuilt PC. 

Superior Quality

If your PC is going to be used to stream cutting-edge games then it needs to be able to deliver top-notch performance. Selecting each of the components and constructing it yourself will offer a greater guarantee of that than buying one.

Many prebuilt PCs come with impressive processors but the rest of the components are of significantly lower quality.

Focus on Relevant Specs

Building for yourself means that you can focus on the components that will be most relevant to your needs. For example, if gaming is the main thing you will use it for, you can select high-end CPUs and GPUs for the PC.

On the other hand, if it will be used for video editing, making sure that it has a lot of RAM will let you get the best out of it. With a prebuilt PC, you have to accept the components it comes with.

Simpler Upgrading

Tech components are always being improved, so sooner or later you will want to upgrade some of those in your PC. If you build it yourself, you will find the task of replacing the component in question easy to do because you will know the machine inside out.

That will not be the case with a prebuilt one, so you would probably have to pay to have the component replaced by someone else.

Mastering a Skill

Not many people know how to construct a computer from scratch, so learning to do it will give you a very marketable skill. You will be able to sort out PC problems for yourself and others, which is useful in an ever-more tech-driven society.

There are guides that you can find online that will help you through the process of building it.

pc building guide

Ultimately Cheaper

The cost of building a PC is off-putting to most people. It will be more expensive at first than buying, but it is actually cheaper over the longer term.

A good entry-level PC for gaming can be built for less than £500 and picking high-end components means that it will last for a lot longer.  The components on a prebuilt machine will almost certainly wear out more quickly due to the inferior quality.

The Best PC Building Kits

Hopefully you now see why building can have the edge over buying. If you have never built a PC before, you will need a good kit though and these are the best tools for it.

  • iFixit Driver Kit

This kit contains every size of screwdriver you could need and is so good it is used by Apple.

  • Magnetic Screw Tray Set

This OEMTOOLS tray kit will help you keep all of the screws used in the building of the PC organised and easy to find.

  • Telescoping Magnet

If your budget will stretch to it, this piece of kit will help you find and remove screws that get lodged in the wrong place while building.

  • Headlamp

One of these will make fitting screws to the motherboard and connecting cords easier by giving you some light.

It will also let you keep your hands free rather than having to hold a torch.

This is useful when replacing components like the CPU cooler. It will make getting rid of the thermal paste that has collected on the processor easier.

Building a PC rather than settling for what is in the shops has clear advantages. You can choose to fit the best components for gaming or any other purpose and will save you money in the long run.