There’s this idea that we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people. Well, this assumption is debatable. At the end of the day, people invent smartphones, not the other way round. But artificial intelligence (AI) has been making a significant impact on our lives; that is true.

Make a Balanced Decision

Do AI appliances have disadvantages? Of course:

  • dependency on the Internet and professionals;
  • relatively high cost;
  • any other?

Let us see how crucial these cons are. Can you say that you are not an Internet addict? We guess not. So you are dependent on it anyway. The high cost is a significant minus. But you are paying for extra free time. So, on the other hand, it is priceless.

Now let us focus on the pros of AI. You spend time playing board games with your friends. While a robot vacuum cleaner sweeps and mops your floor simultaneously. Isn’t that great? 

This means taking an easier way out while getting the full premium deal. Similar to how hiring an experienced paper writer from WritePaper is helping you with an essay. And you have time to spend socializing and networking to get a better future for yourself. 

If we still have not convinced you, here are some more arguments why you should consider getting AI appliances for your home. You can:

  • manage all home devices from one place;
  • maximize home security;
  • save energy; 
  • control all home functions remotely
  • have a list of home management insights

Still hesitating? Check out the AI home appliances you will love more than your wireless earphones. No kidding.

Which AI appliances should you check out?

  • Smart fridges

Do you like making shopping lists? If your answer is yes, you are an exception to the rule. Imagine: your fridge is doing it for you! It keeps track of the products you run out of and adds them to your shopping list. 

When your fridge is full, the AI assistance starts recognizing the food. Once it is done, it can suggest a relevant recipe. It can also communicate with the smart oven and start pre-heating. If you interconnect the appliances in advance, of course.

  • AI cooking

That sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? Well, think of your coffee machine. Does it look extraterrestrial to you? Not at all. The idea of other smart kitchen devices is the same. Once your fridge suggests a recipe and the oven starts pre-heating, robotic arms will assist with meal preparation.

The idea is to create food and drinks at a certain time, which can make your student’s life a lot easier. But it is also a great solution for disabled people.

  • Robotic cleaners

Alright, dinner for 6 friends – sorted out. But you should also tidy up your room before they come. And you would rather spend this time reading about recent learning trends than vacuum cleaning. 

Robot vacuum hoovers are relatively cheap. And they are not a big surprise anymore. All you need to do is to show your hoover a route and program it accordingly. It is not like proper programming. Just playing with some settings. Some brands can even empty themselves.

Saving time is a clear reason for buying this appliance. But it has also got undeniable benefits for your health. For example, a lot of people are allergic to dust. If you are one of them, it is time to stop suffering from sneezing every time you clean up. Just order a robotic helper online. Or ask Siri to do it.

yoonjae baik p7MsAMLSbbU unsplash

  • Smart washing machines

It seems that all automatic washing machines are automatically smart enough. They wash, drain, and dry your clothes without your participation. But check out what you are missing here.

For instance, you do yoga twice a week. Your washing machine will remember that Tuesdays and Thursdays are your fitness days and choose the right mode for your clothes. 

They will weigh the load, define the time needed for a thorough wash and dry, and you’ll only need to unload the machine. This will let the appliance measure the correct amount of detergent and reduce power consumption by 30%. It is not only money-saving for you. It is energy-saving.

  • Fitness mirrors

It is not a mirror that makes you look slimmer. AI mirrors can monitor your health in real-time. Healthcare professionals can assess the risk of disease or injury based on your reflection! Isn’t that incredible? 

You thought a VR headset was something from the future? This mirror opens all new horizons. 

Not to forget: it serves fitness purposes perfectly well. Based on your movements, it can give personalized suggestions. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

nicolas j leclercq qDLLP0yP7FU unsplash

  • Smart TVs

They are not as new and exciting as some other items on our list, but let us talk about AI-powered TVs. They can understand the context of a conversation by using NLP (Natural Language Processing). So, you can be sure that your search result is going to be smart.

  • Security system

Are you asking yourself, “Have I locked the door?” on the regular? You might be perfectly sure you have until the very moment when you mentally ask yourself this question. We lock the door subconsciously, which is why most of us cannot remember doing that. Psychologists suggest saying, “I have locked the door” after turning the key to remember. However, we have a better solution.

You can see if the doors are locked using the smart door lock system. All you need is remote assistance and smartphone connectivity. Yes, smart devices cannot live without each other.

Another great security device is a smart camera. First of all, it analyzes the availability of residents at home. If no one is there, it activates the motion detection feature. You can record/live stream the most important areas of your home 24/7 with advanced functions.

bence boros anapPhJFRhM unsplash

  • Smart speakers

Last but not least. We would even say the most trending device. You can trust making your grocery list with your smart fridge. But wouldn’t it be great to play your favorite music with voice commands?

If you want to have fun, ask one smart speaker to activate another one. It is like hiring two detectives to spy on each other. The only difference is that Google Home is not going to charge you. Siri nether. Unless they decide to, of course.

7 Reasons Why

Here’s a reminder of why you should consider getting AI appliances for your home.

  • enhanced health and fitness at home
  • consuming fresh products
  • help with cooking
  • your apartment is going to clean itself
  • saving money and energy
  • being listened to and heard
  • advanced home security

And all of that – with no or minimal effort from your side. Another good news is that smart devices are friendly to each other. They welcome newcomers into their family of appliances. They unite their efforts to make the life of their owner easier. If someone needs a day off or sick leave, they will cover up for each other.

With the above-mentioned devices, you can monitor different factors:

  • how often you watch TV;
  • what type of food you eat;
  • how often you tidy up;
  • how regularly you exercise etc.

You can analyze your habits. And in case you do not like what you discover, you can always change the pattern of your behavior. So do not worry about your washing machine – it will re-adjust to washing your yoga clothes three times a week.