Malmö, Sweden – November 25, 2015 – Mionix today announced the all new SARGAS gaming mousepad line. It will make its worldwide debut tomorrow at Dreamhack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden, the world’s largest digital festival.

The new SARGAS range embraces five different sizes, starting from Small, for minimum desktop space, to Extra-Extra-Large. With its enormous dimensions of 1200 x 500mm the SARGAS XXL enables users to turn their whole desktop into a mousepad, having all devices at the same elevation of just 0.25mm, allowing extra wide mouse movements and reducing wrist pain.

“With improving and expanding the SARGAS line we are continuing the success story of one of the most popular cloth pads and provide users with a wide range of different sizes”, says Christoffer Suess, Vice President of Marketing at Mionix, and adds: “With the extreme measurements of the SARGAS S, XL and XXL we are catering to the requirements of users who might not have the space for a regular size mousepad but still want the superior tracking performance of a gaming grade surface and users who want a desktop-sized pad for an extraordinary gaming experience.”

Each SARGAS is made of a special woven cloth microfiber matrix that prevents data loss and improves tracking performance for both optical and laser gaming sensors. Reaching a 8/10 with the Mionix S.Q.A.T. TM(Surface Quality Analyzing Tool) the SARGAS offers excellent tracking. The unique balance between speed and friction provides an advanced mousing experience at remarkable precision.

Furthermore the surface is water repellent and consists of an enhanced material compound which makes the SARGAS line extremely durable and easy to clean. The bottom features a natural rubber base that assures a non-slip grip to keep the SARGAS in place. An improved laser cutting process prevents the edges to curl up and makes them real smooth.

The Mionix SARGAS Gaming Mouse Pad range is now available from the Mionix Webstore and from retailers worldwide.


Size Dimensions (in) US$ Price Dimensions (cm) Euro Price
SARGAS S 9.45 x 0.08 x 8.27 $6.99 24 x 0.20 x 21 6.99€
SARGAS M 14.57 x 0.10 x 10.24 $9.99 37 x 0.25 x 26 9.99€
SARGAS L 17.72 x 0.10 x 12.60 $14.99 45 x 0.25 x 32 14.99€
SARGAS XL 35.43 x 0.10 x 15.75 $29.99 90 x 0.25 x 40 29.99€
SARGAS XXL 47.24 x 0.10 x 19.69 $39.99 120 x 0.25 x 50 39.99€

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