An essay is a prose work of small length and free composition. Why would one need an essay? First of all, a student who has been given an assignment in an educational institution to write this type of work. Also, an essay is needed to describe yourself as a specialist in a certain field. Often prospective employers ask applicants to write about themselves, their achievements, and life or professional goals. This gives a good opportunity to make a psychological portrait of you and make certain conclusions, determining your level of not only literacy but also your attitude towards yourself as a professional.

Some people confuse an essay with an essay. However, this work is a competent statement and a well-founded opinion of the author on a particular topic.

It is not difficult to write an essay yourself if you are at least a little creative. Sometimes, however, there is no time or just do not want to do it. In that case, it is better to order an essay from a professional company WritingPaper. Our specialists will cope with any type of “write my papers, please” request and write the best work of this nature for you.

Ordering an essay from professionals or making an order is the best way to solve the problem. Nobody wants to get bad grades, so buying an essay from the best writing services is the only rational option. At first, it seems that there is still plenty of time to write an essay, the inspiration for the work will soon come and serious work will come out from under your pen. But more often than not, the capricious Muse never comes, and the time given for execution has almost completely run away. 

There are various reasons why a student can’t cope with a paper:

  1. A problem in the knowledge of the given topic;
  2. The lack of time and inability to plan it;
  3. The inability to express the accumulated thoughts beautifully.

Each of these reasons can become a serious obstacle to writing an essay and will harm the progress of the course for the whole semester. It would be very unfortunate if one subject with which a student is not friendly spoils the overall picture of academic performance.

The perfect essay looks like…

The essay should express an individual’s view of the topic, and the problem. This type of learning activity belongs to the class of creative tasks – if from a young age a student has had difficulties in writing works, then it will be hard to cope with an essay at university at all. What to do if the work is urgent and the deadline has long been missed? In that case, there is no better solution than ordering an essay from one of the authors.

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Why us?

A decade ago, it was possible to hand in any essay you liked from the internet and not pay any money to write it. But time doesn’t stand still and today’s online teachers feel as good as advanced student hackers. Therefore, “ripping off” an essay from the internet can at least bring a low grade and a repeat retake or worse, the opportunity to hand in the same essay for the next year. The employees of our company won’t have any difficulty in writing a custom essay within the pre-agreed deadline.

An essay to order written by our specialists is pre-checked by Anti-Plagiarism software and its uniqueness does not fall below 70%, which is an acceptable standard in all universities.

Depending on how much work is planned to be done and within what time frame the finished version needs to be delivered, the price of the essay is formed. The cost of all services of our company is adequate because we understand the widespread problem of students and finances like no other. But ordering an essay urgently has always cost a little more, so you should not put off solving problems until the last minute, but solve them immediately as they arrive.

Essay writing is a task that we take seriously. This is evidenced by the fact that we work officially. Besides, you can get full information not only about the stages of writing an essay or any other work ordered from us, but also all the information about the qualifications of the executor. We work promptly, valuing every minute. And at the same time, our cooperation will end only when you are completely satisfied with the result of your writing. In case of any discrepancies, we will give you your money back.

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What does the price depend on?

Now let’s talk about the factors that affect the price.

The price of student papers is a tricky thing because the way it is formed is not so straightforward.

Firstly, one of the main factors is the volume of work (1 article, 30 articles, 100 articles) – this happens differently and there are different student papers with different volumes.

Secondly, it is the topic and subject, as well as the complexity of the topic, the availability of freely available information on the topic, the complexity of the subject, and the direction of the subject (for example, technical disciplines are very difficult to do, they take much more precious time, so the price is usually higher for them as well).

Thirdly, it is influenced by the university, as the requirements for papers are higher at well-known universities and we already know this, so this factor is also influenced (although only slightly, even very slightly).

Fourthly, it’s the complexity of your work, special requirements, special wishes, whims, etc.

Fifthly, is there a check for plagiarism, which % of originality is required? What anti-plagiarism system should be checked?

And much more, so make an order on the website and we will tell you the exact price within 1 hour)

I am not happy with the work and need to edit it…

If you are not satisfied with the work we have done, it can be edited.

All improvements and redesigns are free until the protection. This is how we support all our works to the defense, and the rework is completed in an instant short time, so the reworking of your work becomes a priority over other unfinished orders of the author.

Reworks in our works are rare because all work is of the highest quality, but we are not going to lie, they do occur.

On this issue, please do not worry, we will fix everything as you and your teacher need.

What is the uniqueness of our works?

The uniqueness of the work chooses the client himself when ordering the work, you specify any uniqueness, and as a rule, it is 70% (standard for all educational institutions). We can do any % of uniqueness and the work will pass any system of checking for plagiarism.

Very, if you need to work with uniqueness (it is usually thesis, research papers, thesis, and essays), then please specify the required uniqueness and antiplagiarism program. In different programs, different algorithms of uniqueness determination can happen so that in one program uniqueness will be 90% and in another – 50%, so it is very important.

What types of work do we perform?

We carry out all kinds of student work: from reports to master’s thesis, so be sure that we will do your work, and not just do it, but in a quality and professional manner.