Phanteks – Today Phanteks has announced their Eclipse P400 and P400S (Silent Edition). Available in a wide range of colours (Glacier White, Anthracite Grey and Satin Black) and configurations (Window, Non-Window with sound dampening, Window with sound dampening).

Built with entry level system builders in mind, the Eclipse P400(S) has a wide range of features to account for all user needs and configurations. With support for up to a 360mm radiator in the front, up to 2 140mm fans in the top and a 120mm in the rear, the Eclipse P400(S) is not short on cooling options.

The Eclipse P400(S) also supports Graphics cards up to 395mm, CPU coolers up  to 170mm and PSUs up to 270mm, which means even the most high end components are catered for. By default, the case supports up to 2 2.5” drives, along with 2 3.5” drives. This is further expandable with the Phanteks 3.5” drive adapters, of which the case supports up to 4.
When matched with a compatible Asus Aura capable motherboard, the case and mainboard can be paired, to allow lighting to be controlled both internally and externally with RGB lighting and user defined lighting profiles.
The clean lines of the Eclipse P400(S) are complimented with an RGB lighting controller, allowing lighting located in the front of the case to be matched to the end users requirements and desires. To match the front RGB, the power button on the top of the case also illuminates to match. The interior of the case can also be upgraded with Phanteks RGB strips, so that both the inside and outside of the case are lit with matching colours.

The P400S also includes sound dampening for those wanting to make their system as quiet as possible. The top fan filter of the P400 is replaced with 2 sound dampened top covers to allow users flexibility in mounting extra cooling while also keeping the PC silent.

While the P400S comes with sound dampening, it is also available in 2 configurations, the non-window version and the window version. This allows users to decide between ultimate silence and the ability to show off their hardware.

The Phanteks Eclipse P400 and P400S are available now for preorder.

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