Alphacool is an internationally renowned company in the field of water cooling solutions for both industrial and home users. To ensure that customers receive the best products available, Alphacool is
constantly developing new products and making improvements to existing products.

Big, Bigger, SuperNova!
40 x 40 x 45 cm of pure cooling surface for nine 140mm or four 200 mm fans. No other Alphacool radiator offers as much surface area in a single product.

Make No Compromises, Use Copper.
As usual, Alphacool also uses pure copper for the NexXxoS 1260 SuperNova Radiator. The end chambers, water channels and cooling fins are all made of copper and are a unique selling point worldwide. As a result, Alphacool radiators have been among the most popular and best on the market for many years, providing the perfect foundation for every water cooling system.

Full Cooling Capacity
To maximize the performance of a radiator, Alphacool reaches deep into its bag of tricks. Copper is the starting point. With a thermal conductivity of 400 W/(mK) for copper compared to 236 W/(mK) for aluminium, the winner is clear. Alongside this is the special fin density. Alphacool is one of the oldest companies in the field of water cooling and has carried out countless laboratory tests. The result, especially for such large radiators, is a fin spacing of 11 FPI. This means that the air flow is almost unobstructed as the air can pass through even without high pressure. However, the cooling capacity does not suffer from this, on the contrary. To use the airflow optimally, all cooling fins have small serrations. These are tiny flaps
that guide the airflow in the desired direction and increase the surface area. In the case of radiators, they are barely 1 mm high, but still provide controlled air turbulence to increase cooling capacity and minimise airflow noise.

Which fans?
The 1260 SuperNova Radiator offers for four 200 mm fans with a hole spacing of 154 mm on one side. On the opposite side, up to nine classic 140 mm fans can be mounted on another mounting plate. If you want to operate the radiator passively, you can remove both mounting plates. This will ensure you do not to obstruct the natural airflow. Of course, the mounting plates for both types of fans can also be interchanged. This gives you more freedom when mounting the fans. Connection options

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The king on the rads! No other radiator in Alphacool’s portfolio can match the performance of the SuperNova radiator. With four 200mm or a whopping nine 140 mm fans and a pure cooling surface of 40 x 40 cm, it really does live up to the SuperNova name.