Taipei, Taiwan-September, 18th, 2015Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units, launches the full range of Pacific RL and R Series radiators. Designed for the most demanding and hardcore enthusiasts, the Thermaltake Pacific RL & R Radiator Full Series is optimized for maximum heat dispatching. The radiators are designed without compromise, with high-quality German aerospace-grade materials and constructed with zinc, a powerful anti-corrosion agent. An exceptional manufacturing process using high-temperature brazing at 1022℉/550℃ sets Pacific Radiators in a class of their own. Integrated G1/4″ threads make it easy to install, while rigid connections ensure they are leak-resistant. With an ideal mounting, fitting, flow set-up, and 17 different specs to choose from, the Thermaltake Pacific Radiator Full Series is guaranteed to go above and beyond your current cooling standards. 

Thermaltake Pacific R120, 240, 360 Radiators
Thermaltake Pacific R180S, 360S, 540S Radiators
Thermaltake Pacific RL 120, 240, 360 (White) Radiators
Thermaltake Pacific RL120 240 360 480 Radiators
Thermaltake Pacific RL 140, 280, 420, 560 Radiators

Differences between Pacific RL and R Radiator Full Series:

The Pacific RL Series is an ultra-thick radiator (over 50mm thickness) with a dual-row 13-set flat tube design to increase heat transfer. Water flows down on one side, and then passes through the bottom chamber before being circulated back to the other side of the radiator. Choose from: 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm, 480mm, and 560mm radiator lengths to provide easier fitting installation and loop management. Also, the Pacific RL120, RL240, RL360 are available in white. The Pacific R Series is a slim radiator (under 50mm thickness) with only a single 13-set flat tube design This series is available in 120mm, 180mm, 240mm, 360mm, and 540mm sizes and is guaranteed to provide exceptional performance in a slimmer, sleeker design. 

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Features of the Pacific RL & R Radiator Full Series:

Optimized Heat Dispatching

The Pacific Radiator Full Series delivers an average heating load of 32℃-35℃ on each radiator. After brazing, the fin and tube connect to form a joint, thereby creating more uniform heat transference. By efficiently pulling heat away from the power-dissipating components, the radiators ensure component reliability.

Thermaltake Pacific RL and R Radiator Full Series- Dual-Row Tubes -1
Thermaltake Pacific RL and R Radiator Full Series- Dual-Row Tubes
Thermaltake Pacific RL and R Radiator Full Series- Thermal Test

High-Density Fin Design

Fin density is optimally designed to accommodate high air pressure. The cooling performance improves significantly with increased fan speed, offering exceptional cooling performance during operation.

German-Made Anti-Corrosion Materials

The radiators are designed to reduce electronic conductivity and can withstand scratches to the zinc layer. The corrosion potential of aluminum alloy combined with zinc is reduced by 55.6% after brazing.

High-Quality Manufacturing Process: Brazing

The radiators are baked through a controlled-atmosphere brazing line. The materials melt into each other to achieve optimal thermal transfer from the tubes to the actual fins in order to attain better overall heat evacuation and dispatching.

Remarkable Expansion

The Pacific Radiator Full Series comes in multiple sizes in order to provide users the ability to build the ultimate in custom configurations. A wide array of radiator sizes are available for enthusiasts to build up aesthetically-superior water cooling systems by allocating the radiators to each particular component and incorporating external modular upgrades for their chassis.

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Pacific RL Series

  • Pacific RL560 :
  • Pacific RL480 :
  • Pacific RL420 :
  • Pacific RL360 (White) :
  • Pacific RL360 :
  • Pacific RL280 :
  • Pacific RL240 (White):
  • Pacific RL240 :
  • Pacific RL140 :
  • Pacific RL120 (White) :
  • Pacific RL120 :

Pacific R Series

  • Pacific R540S :
  • Pacific R360S :
  • Pacific R360 :
  • Pacific R240 :
  • Pacific R180S :
  • Pacific R120 :

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