As hardware gets increasingly more powerful it generates more and more waste heat. This can lead to thermal problems, especially with server racks that have the hardware packed so close together. Compact air coolers are hardly able to dissipate the excess heat from processors. It becomes even more problematic when one or more graphics cards also need to be cooled. At full load processors and graphics cards struggle with temperatures and can quickly start to throttle down their clock rates early due to thermal throttling.

Many server operators want simple and cost-effective solutions to solve this problem. Therefore, Alphacool has developed and launched a whole range of water cooling sets for 1 to 4U server racks in cooperation with its Enterprise Solutions customers.

All sets can also be individually extended or adapted. Quick-release fasteners, additional pumps, radiator, and graphics card coolers can be added by arrangement and the components can be adapted to individual requirements. The sets are delivered to the customers prefilled.


  Number Max. Cooling capacity AMD Socket Intel Socket Prices from:
1U 30 490 W All All 249,95 €
2U 23 880 W All All 249,95 €
3U 29 1600 W All All 229,95 €
4U 17 2400 W TR4 / sTRX4 /SP3 3647 269,95 €


The sets are available immediately from Alphacool and can be ordered as normal from the shop. Alphacool also offers all components as individual products for end customers.

Additional Information

The following example clearly shows the efficiency of a water cooling system.

Hardware Used:

CPU AMD Threadripper 2990X
GPU 4 x Nvidia RTX 2080Ti
CPU Cooler 1 x Eisblock XPX Pro 1U
GPU Cooler 4 x Alphacool Eisblock ES
Pump 1 x DDC310
Radiator 1 x NexXxoS Full Copper 360 mm XT45


The system was loaded with the following programs:

CPU: Prime95 on all threads
GPU: Ethereum Miner Claymore on all GPUs


22° C 56° C 58° C

4x RTX 2080TI close look 11837 Alphacool ES Pro 2U 4 x 80 XPX Pro 1U Reservoir 2U DDC310 11838 Alphacool ES Pro 3U 1 x 120 ST XPX Pro 1U Reservoir 2U DDC310 CES System rack and results on one pic ES fittings ES QDC ES reservoir 1U ES reservoir 2U ES reservoir DC LT 40 ES reservoir DC LT 80 ES TPV tube Example System