ASUS were on hand at I56 with there amazing booth. They had a wide range of all their products on display from their peripherals to GPUs, motherboards and even the GX700 watercooled laptop! On the front counter they also had their Amazing custom Hexgear R40 case on display for all to see. Users looking to purchase some of their peripherals could do so right at the booth itself thanks to

I have to say, my favourite thing on the stand was probably the MATRIX Platinum GPU, this beauty really needs to be seen in person to be full appreciated! Aside from all the stuff on show, ASUS also had a few gaming rigs set up where you could try out some of their hardware while playing some of the latest games such as Rocket League.

ASUS has some amazing products and when you see them in person you can really just appreciate them that much more. Things like the MAXIMUS VII IMPACT really just need to be seen up close and personal to get a proper look and feel for them!

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