• Truly ambidextrous design with configurable side buttons so gamers don’t have to alter their grip style to avoid misclicks
  • Exclusive push-fit switch sockets let users vary click resistance; durable switches offer 50-million-click lifespan, with additional switches included for a different feel
  • Customizable Aura RGB lighting across three zones with Aura Sync support, and intuitive ROG Armoury software for full control of settings 

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 8, 2017 — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced Pugio, an ergonomic optical wired gaming mouse featuring a truly ambidextrous design with configurable side buttons. Pugio comes with exclusive push-fit switch sockets to let users vary click resistance, durable switches rated at 50 million clicks, and a gaming-grade 7200 DPI optical sensor. In addition, it features an aggressive gamer-focused design and ASUS Aura RGB lighting with ASUS Aura Sync support.

Ergonomically designed for marathon gaming

Typical ambidextrous mice with side buttons have a mirrored button layout to accommodate both right- and left-handed gamers. The drawback of this design is that it often results in side-button misclicks. Even with the buttons disabled, button actuation may distract gamers.

ROG Pugio features a truly ambidextrous design with physically configurable side buttons, so gamers don’t have to alter their natural grip style to avoid side-button misclicks. Instead, they can choose their preferred side-button layout — because Pugio includes four magnetic side buttons (two on each side) that can be swapped out with a side-button cover. For added comfort, rubber side panels with Mayan-inspired markings help provide a firm and secure grip.

ASUS-exclusive push-fit switch sockets allow gamers to easily install switches with their preferred click resistance. They also extend the lifespan of the mouse, when used to replace worn switches.

Pugio features durable Omron® mouse switches that are rated to at least 50 million clicks, which is an industry-leading lifespan and 30 million clicks higher than standard Omron switches. Pugio is also bundled with an additional pair of high-quality Japanese-made Omron switches so gamers can instantly change the out-of-the-box click feel if they wish.

Flexible customization

ASUS Aura RGB lighting lets users choose from a palette of millions of colors and numerous preset lighting effects to reflect their own style and personality. ROG Pugio features Aura RGB lighting across three zones, including angular light channels on the rear of the mouse. The stunning lighting effects on Pugio can be synced with other Aura Sync-enabled products, allowing users to complete the look of their gaming setup. Aura Sync lets users achieve perfect synchronized lighting harmony when their Pugio mouse and ASUS motherboard is paired with other compatible components. Quick lighting synchronization between Pugio and the ROG Claymore keyboard is easily achieved with a press of the ROG Sync hotkey[1] .

ROG Armoury software lets gamers adjust settings to suit their style. Gamers can customize Aura RGB lighting effects, adjust performance and surface calibration settings, program and map up to eight buttons, create profiles and more — all via an intuitive interface. 

Ensuring the best gaming experience

ROG Pugio features a gaming-grade 7200 DPI optical sensor, 150 IPS tracking speed and 30g acceleration to ensure the speed, resolution and accuracy needed for an optimal gaming experience. A dedicated DPI switch allows for instant switching between two sensitivity levels, and features an indicator to show current settings.

Pugio includes a separate button design that lowers the actuation force and travel distance required for each click, resulting in faster and more tactile button response.

Bundled ROG accessory case and pouch

The bundled ROG accessory case helps users keep unused side-button covers, button caps and additional switches organized and safe. Pugio also comes with an ROG sticker and an easy-to-carry ROG pouch for convenient protection and portability.

[1]Lighting synchronization between ROG Pugio and ROG Claymore is enabled and controlled via ROG Armoury software. Aura Sync lighting synchronization with ASUS motherboards, the ROG GR8 II mini gaming PC, graphics cards, peripherals and other products is enabled and controlled via proprietary ASUS Aura software.

ROG Pugio 2D 2 Aura Sync Configurable Side Buttons ROG Pugio Aura Sync Angular Rear ROG Pugio 2D 1 Aura Sync RGB