Today, we are going to be talking more about gaming on the BenQ W1210ST Projector and some of the benefits it can have. Following on from our review which can be SEEN HERE, we are going to dive further into what it really has to offer. This will be a multi-article piece as there will be a lot of reading involved in some of the different articles and we don’t want to bore anyone too much all at once. Now, we can raise the of why are we concerned with gaming performance on a projector? Well, aside from BenQ asking as to do this follow up article, it does pose some interesting questions. Is gaming on a projector worthwhile? What are the benefits? Are there any downsides? Can a projector really be better than a TV? These and more, are all questions we will aim to answer throughout the articles included in this piece.

In today’s article, we are going to compare the W1210ST to a TV in a number of different situations. The first thing to mention which seems quite obvious is the size of the screen. It is a lot easier to find a place to project a 100″ screen then it is to mount a 100″ TV. Next is portability of the projector, which will be much easier to move around should you want to. Once you mount a 100″ TV, you can pretty much guarantee you’re not going to move it unless you 100% need to. However, the W1210ST can be easily carried and set up in different rooms or even locations. Having a BBQ and want to play some games outside? Just find a way to plug the W1210ST in outside and project it on a fence or even the side of the house. Going to a LAN party and want to play some split screen games? The portability comes in handy again as does the screen size, ever tried to 4-way split screen on a 32″ TV? Not so much fun now is it! Just imagine 4-way split screen on a 100″ screen, it is definitely a much more enjoyable experience. Even if gaming by yourself, the 100″ screen allows you to see so much more of what is going on.

I know what you’re thinking right about now, is the quality any good? Can a 100″ projected screen really compete with a TV? Simply put, yes it can at 1080P. The first time I used the W1210ST I was actually amazed by the clarity and quality of the image, even at 100″ it is amazing. Another major concern can be the input lag. Compared to my personal TV which is just a standard Smart 1080P TV, the projector showed no issues with this. I play a lot of FPS games and you can notice very quickly whether or not input lag is affecting you. BenQ even mentions they have designed the W1210ST to have a low input lag than other projectors and to help give it the competitive edge over a standard TV.

Another great feature is that this is a short-throw projector. Meaning, that the projector only needs to be 1.5m away from the wall to project the full 100″ screen. To put this into terms everyone can understand, this is about the length (long way) of a 4-person dining room table. Yes, that is only as far away as it needs to be which again, will allow it to be used in more circumstances.

Check out one of the clips of me playing Call of Duty on the W1210ST when I did the original review on it! Please note the blurriness when moving is due to my camera and not the projector itself. You will also see that I have no skills at all when it comes to Infinite Warfare!


In our next article, we are going to take a more detailed look at what the W1210ST has to offer and will be comparing it directly against my TV in a few different games. From Fifa to Call of Duty, the BenQ W1210ST has a lot to offer and we are only just starting to break into it all. Every time I use it, I notice a new little feature or something that looks better than I remember it on my TV. Make sure to check back soon to see the other articles and videos on the BenQ W1210ST.

Have any questions or is there something specific you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below and we will make sure to address it!