Up on the chopping block today is the BenQ EW2775ZH. The EW2775ZH is a monitor designed with Eye-Care in mind and as such features a Brightness Intelligence Technology. This technology will allow the user to click a button and it will adjust the backlighting based on the ambient light in the room. This should help reduce eye strain especially when there is a lower ambient lighting in the room. Alongside this, we have a full HD resolution (1920×1080), low blue light and flicker free technologies. All in all, this monitor should be great for day to use, especially watching a cheeky or film or two while you should be working!

BenQ is renowned for having amazing monitors to fit almost anyone’s needs. Whether you are a gamer, photography/video editor or just want something for internet browsing, BenQ will have a solution for your needs. When it comes to buying a new monitor these days, there is a lot more to it than just finding one of the specific sizes you need. These days, you also need to consider what you will be using it for and look at the features it offers accordingly. Those interested in browsing the web and watching movies may find features like low blue light and the Brightness Intelligence Technology found in the EW2775ZH on review today to be favourable. Some may want the monitor for gaming and want a 120/140 Hz model over the standard 60 Hz models. Who knows, you may even want a higher pixel density so may be looking into a 1440P or 4K option. At the end of the day, the decision is yours but as always BenQ does there best to make sure they have an option to suit your individual needs.



Screen Size‎ 27‎
Back Light Unit‎ LED‎
Color Bit‎ 8bits‎
Aspect Ratio‎ 16:9‎
Resolution (max.)‎ 1920×1080‎
Pixel Pitch (mm)‎ 0.311‎
Brightness ( typ.)‎ 300‎
Native Contrast ( typ. )‎ 3000:1‎
DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.)‎ 20M:1‎
Panel Type‎ AMVA+(E2E)‎
Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10)‎ 178/178‎
Response Time(Tr+Tf) typ.‎ 12ms, 4ms (GtG)‎
Display Colors‎ 16.7Mil‎
Color Gamut‎ 72% NTSC‎
Display Area(mm)‎ 597.60×336.20‎
Speaker‎ 2W x2‎
MTBF(hr, exclude lamp)‎ 60000‎
Lamp Life (hr) Typical‎ 30000‎
Input/Output Connector‎ D-sub‎
Signal Cable‎ HDMI 1.4 cable(1.5m)‎
HDMI‎ 1.4 x2 ‎
Power Supply (90~264 AC)‎ Adapter‎
Power Consumption (On mode)‎ 42 W‎
(Power saving mode)‎ < 0.5W‎
Power Consumption (Off mode)‎ < 0.5 W‎
Power Consumption (Base on Energy star )‎ 25 W‎
Lamp Life (hr) min‎ 30000‎
Hor. Frequency (KHz)‎ 30~83‎
Ver. Frequency (Hz)‎ 50~76‎
Video Bandwidth (MHZ)‎ 205‎
Dimensions & Weight‎
CTN Dimensions ( H x W x D mm )‎ 513 x 750 x 153‎
Dimensions ( H x W x D mm )‎ 460.6*613.8*180.9‎
Dimensions with Wall Mount ( H x W x D mm )‎ NA‎
Net Weight (kg)‎ 4.28‎
Gross Weight (kg)‎ 5.97‎
Special Features‎
Flicker-free Technology‎ Yes‎
Low Blue Light‎ Yes‎
Senseye®‎ Yes‎
Eco Mode‎ 25W‎
AMA‎ Yes‎
Low Blue Light Plus‎ Yes‎
HDCP‎ Yes‎
Color Temperature‎ Reddish / Normal/ Bluish /user mode‎
OSD Language‎ 17 languages‎
Tilt ( down / up )‎ -5~20‎
Dynamic Power Saving (DPS)‎ Yes‎
Smart focus‎ Yes‎
Kensington Lock‎ Yes‎
Black Level‎ Yes‎
Super Resolution‎ Yes‎
Cinema mode‎ Yes‎

Closer Look

The EW2775ZH features a 27″ display and a thin bezel around the sides. Not only do thinner bezels loop more appealing, they are also great if you plan on having a multi-monitor setup and having them right next to each other. One thing worth noting about this monitor is that it is not height adjustable. In my opinion, this monitor is going to be great for your average everyday user and those who spend a lot of time on the computer in an office environment and also those who may watch a lot of movies or similar on their PC.

benq ew2775zh monitor review

On the bottom right side of the bezel are where the buttons to power on and control the monitor are found. Mose of the buttons themselves is on the underside of the bezel except for one, the Brightness Intelligence Technology control button. The BIT is going to be one of the main features of the EW2775ZH monitor and will surely come in handy for a number of different professions as well as everyday users.

benq ew2775zh monitor review_1

BenQ Brightness Intelligence Technology: Enjoy crisp details even in dark scenes.


Under the logo is the Ambient Light Sensor. This sensor is what monitors the light in the room and can adjust the brightness of the monitor accordingly to help reduce eye strain and give you the best possible viewing.
benq ew2775zh monitor review_2

As we’ve already seen around the bezel, the EW277ZH features a brushed aluminium look and this is continued across the top of the base plate. This gives the monitor a sleek yet professional look and will allow it to fit in in both home and office environments.

benq ew2775zh monitor review_4


Taking a look at the back and there is a bit going on. As we can see, they brushed aluminium look has made its way around from the front. There are a few input connectors, a pair of speakers and also a lock hole. While most personal users won’t need to lock their monitor to a surface, this is a nice feature to include for business or those who may use the monitors at shows and events.

benq ew2775zh monitor review_9

For inputs, there are:

Input/Output Connector‎ D-sub‎
Signal Cable‎ HDMI 1.4 cable(1.5m)‎
HDMI‎ 1.4 x2 ‎

benq ew2775zh monitor review_6

There is a single speaker on either side of the input panel. These speakers are both 2W which should be more than sufficient for general use. While not the best, they also work fairly good for gaming so may come in handy for those who have restricted space on their desk.

benq ew2775zh monitor review_7

benq ew2775zh monitor review_8

Final Thoughts

Performance and Design

The EW2775ZH is designed to offer reduced eye strain while still putting out an enjoyable and vibrant picture. In order to make this happen, BenQ has added some pretty amazing features to it. The main two are the Brightness Intelligence Technology and the Ambient Light Sensor which work well together. The BIT will help to ensure you are always seeing everything you should, especially in darker scenes of movies whereas the ALS makes sure that the brightness of the monitor is adjusted accordingly to reduce fatigue. The monitor also features a flicker-free display, a VA Panel which offers a 3000:1 contrast ratio and a Low Blue Light Plus Technology which reduces the blue light. The Low Blue Light Technology can utilise one of four settings depending on the environment and task at hand and can be switched accordingly. It’s easy to see on paper that BenQ has designed their EW2775ZH to be eye-friendly and try to reduce the strain caused from viewing as much as possible. However, it’s not until you use it for a few hours and make use of all the settings it has to offer then you will fully understand the value these features hold. If you are like me and use your monitor a lot at night, some of these settings and features will become invaluable to you.


When compared to standard 27″ monitors that come in around £130-£150, depending on what manufacturer and retailer you choose, the EW2775ZH for around £180-£190 still offers great value. For the extra £50 or so you get much more than just your bog standard monitor. For the money, you are getting an amazing array of features that are designed to help reduce eye strain in almost any scenario. That aside, the monitor is also designed to give you the best viewing scenarios possible thanks to things like the BIT which makes it easier to see more of what’s going on in darker scenes. If you spend a lot of time in front of your monitor as many of us do these days, the extra money is well spent on the EW2775ZH.

“When all is said and done, the EW2775ZH is an amazing monitor with some top-notch features for everyday users. If you are looking for something a bit extra from your monitor without going completely over the top, the EW2775ZH is well worth a look!”

Enos Tech Must Have Award

Many thanks to BenQ for sending in the EW2775ZH for today’s review.