Following on from our Benefits of Gaming on the BenQ W1210ST Projector, today, we will be taking a better look at the gaming side of things. I’ve spent plenty of time gaming on the W1210ST and have to say that I really do love it. The big screen and short throw projection make it a winning combination and means it can be set up almost anywhere with ease. Personally, I set it up on my dining room table and project it all the wall behind. Another thing I am happy to see is that even when projecting on a bright purple wall, there are no issues with the colour, everything is still very crisp and vibrant.

While it is hard to properly show how much fun it is to game on the W1210ST thanks in part to my camera, we will be taking a look at a couple new videos I recorded playing some games. First up, we have a bit of Sean White Skateboarding. In this game you Skateboard around places looking to interact with people and find certain things. One thing I liked was when doing so on the W1210ST, not only is everything bigger than what I am normally used to, there is also much more of the in-game world on the screen. Take a look at the video below to see just what I am talking about.

As you can see, there are loads to be seen at all times. It is truly is an experience that needs to be had! If you’ve never gamed on a projector I highly recommend you check out the W1210ST as not only is the 100″ screen amazing, it really is vibrant and the 1080p resolution is truly crisp and a beautiful site on such a big screen.

Next up, we have a video on one of the bigger plus sides to gaming on the W1210ST, split screen! Yes, sharing a screen can be a pain for many reasons but the one thing I always hated was how small it would be. Even just splitting a normal TV into two screens is horrible. However, the W1210ST does not suffer from these issues. In the below video, I have tried out a bit of split screen racing and must say, I was quite pleased with the result. While I would have loved to show a 4-way split screen, I don’t currently have enough controllers to make this possible. However, I will be looking into getting more in the near future to show this off and when I do, I will even measure each individual screen size to show how big they are. Split screen gaming is nothing new and has been around for ages and is one of the most enjoyable ways to play games. Sharing a screen and a few laughs with your friends is a great way to spend time and thanks to the BenQ W1210ST, it no longer has to be a struggle to see what is going on when doing so.

As you’ll see in the above video, my driving skills are horrible! What you will also see though is the size of the screen I had. This allowed me to see everything I needed to and in all honesty, even after gaming on the W1210ST 100″ screen on my own, having to split it in two was not an issue. Hours of enjoyment can be had doing this and thanks to BenQ I have now planned a family video game night thanks to the W1210ST and all it has to offer, especially on the split screen side of things.

For our last video today, we are going to take a look at some First Person Shooter action. Why you may ask? Well, this will be where we would notice an input lag if there was any that is. Low input lag is one of the key features that BenQ mention when it comes to the W1210ST projector. Basically, this is the time it takes for the screen to react to what is happening. FPS games are generally quite fast paced and in order to stay on top and win, you generally need to get the first shot off and get the edge over your opponent. Now, on standard TV’s this is not always the case as the input lag can be horrendous, hence why you see professional eSports players using monitors with higher refresh rates. BenQ has gone for the best of both worlds here, offering a massive screen and low input lag all at the same time. I am primarily an FPS player and have been for 20+ years now and while I am far from a professional, I can definitely tell when a piece of hardware is holding me back and I didn’t notice any issues on this projector. In fact what I did notice is that reaction times were much better on the projector than they were on my standard 43″ Smart TV. When playing on my TV, I have to be a bit more cautious as a lot of times the enemy will be able to get the first shot off while on the W1210ST it’s the opposite and I can enjoy a more run and gun play style.

To conclude things up for today’s article, the BenQ W1210ST has a lot going for it. From the low input lag to enjoying a bit of split screen gaming, this projector is top notch. Also, just to mention it again, I primarily use this on a fairly bright purple painted wall and have no issues with the colours at all. I’ve also tried this on a cream wall and it was almost identical. This tells me the colour reproduction of the W1210ST is great, it’s vibrant and crisp and the 1080p resolution on further aids to the clarity offered. If you are looking for one of the biggest screens you can get that will be easily portable but still offered a good viewing experience and hours of gaming fun, I highly recommend you check out the BenQ W1210ST, you won’t be disappointed.

Have any questions or is there something specific you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below and we will make sure to address it!