BitFenix is a well-known manufacturer of PC cases and case accessories, they also have their own PSU range and a headset for those looking to take their BitFenix love as far as they can. BitFenix is into the modding scene and as such, some of their products are designed with this in mind. Their Alchemy range of LED’s and extension cables will allow modders and even normal users to further customise their builds almost effortlessly. Speaking of things being easy, want a PSU that already comes with pre-braided cables? Well then, the Fury range of PSU’s will be right up your alley with their pre-braided cables and 80PLUS Gold rating!

Today I will be taking a quick look at the original Alchemy LED Strips in both green and white. I have previously used these before so have a bit of an idea what I am in for today! They also do come in a few more colours than we will be looking at today, for a full list of colours and specifications, please visit the PRODUCT PAGE

Closer Look

Packaging and Accessories

The Alchemy LED come in an easy to open blister type packaging, giving users a first-hand look at exactly what they will get when buying them. Looking at the back of the package, you will not only be able to see which length and colour you have, you will be able to see the other lengths and colours the Alchemy LED strips come in.

To make sure you can get the most out of your Alchemy LED strips, BitFenix have included a few connectors that plug into the LED strips, which can also be used to connect multiple strips together. There is also then a cable to connect the connectors to the MOLEX power adapters so you can power these bad boys up and show off your rig!

BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips featured (4)
BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips featured (7)

Alchemy LED Strips

The Alchemy LED Strips themselves come with a nice sticky 3M backing though I will be honest, they don’t always stick the best depending on where you put them. What I will say for them is the colours of the LED’s are absolutely amazing! All of the colours are vibrant and bright and are sure to add some flare to any PC build, or even around your desk or monitor if that is your type of thing! There really isn’t a whole lote more to say so have a look for yourself!

BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips featured (6)
BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips featured (2)
BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips featured (3)
BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips featured (8)


At the end of the day, these cables are a great way to add some colour and/or light to any PC build. They can be also be linked together to save on the amount of MOLEX connectors you would need to power them up which is always a plus; the least amount of cables the better! While the stickiness isn’t the best, BitFenix has recently released their new Alchemy 2.0 LED’s that feature magnetic strips instead of the 3M sticky side.

If you are in the market for some LED’s, you will be hard pressed to find any that offer a better colour than that of the BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips! They are a well worthy purchase and can add a bit of flare or bling to any build!