The BitFenix Alchemy Extension Cables are just one of the few products BitFenix has designed with modders in mind. If you are looking for some nice accessories to accentuate your PC, BitFenix also offers some amazing LED’s and fans to help take your build to the next level. However, the fun doesn’t stop there, OH NO! If you also happen to purchase on of their cases, a number of them have extra side and front panels you can purchase separately to further customise your build.

Before we get into the closer look, let’s see which types of cables are available and in what colours.

Cable Types

TypeAvailable Lengths (cm)Available Colors
Fan cable extension30, 60, 90Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Silver, Green
Fan adapter cable (3 fans to one connector)60
Molex to 4 x SATA Power20
Molex to 3 fan adapter 12V20
Molex to 3 fan adapter 7V20
Molex to 3 fan adapter 5V20
Molex extension45
Intel ATX-4 pin extension45
Intel EPS 8-pin extension45
ATX 24-pin extension30
Internal USB connection30
SATA cable w/sleeve30
PWM fan extension30
Molex to SATA power extension45
6-pin video card extension45
8-pin video card extension45
Molex to 3 molex extension60
Audio extension45
2-pin chassis I/O (PWR/RST/HDD/Etc.)30

Alchemy Cables Closer Look

As you can see, there are a number of different cables available in quite a few colours as well. These cables are designed for users who want a premium look, without the extra premium price tag. These extensions will just plug directly into most current power supplies and not only extend the cables length but also give you that custom sleeved modded look.

As you will see below, some of the cables have a bit of heat shrink tubing where they plug into the connector and some plug straight into the connector without it. The great thing about these cables is you really can just get about anything you would need for a standard PC build so you can have them all matching. This has to be the easiest way to get that premium look! The sleeving itself is also quite nice as you will be able to see in the photos below!

BitFenix Alchemy Exstention Cables_1
BitFenix Alchemy Exstention Cables_2
BitFenix Alchemy Exstention Cables_3
BitFenix Alchemy Exstention Cables_4

Final Words

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to further customize your PC and make it look amazing, the BitFenix Alchemy Cables are definitely the way to go! They come in a number of colours and as said, no technical knowledge is required, simply plug them into your existing PSU and then into the connector they belong to. As modding becomes more and more popular pretty much by the day, products like this from BitFenix are going to help everyone achieve the looks of their favourite modded build!