We have just noticed that the MoGo 2 projector from Xgimi that we have previously reviewed is now on a Black Friday 2023 sale in the UK.

Deal – XGIMI MoGo 2 Mini Projector: Now £269, Was £359 on Amazon.co.uk

Here is what we had to say:
Design – Its small size is going to allow you to bring the MoGo 2 with you almost anywhere you go. Being able to easily fit into most standard backpacks, you will never have to be without your MoGo 2 even when on the move. XGIMI hasn’t let the size stop them from making sure that the MoGo 2 is feature-packed and allowing it to offer a great viewing experience. The MoGo 2 features a 720P display with 400ISO lumens, D65 Color Temperature, and an HDR 10 color contrast to give you great image quality.

Performance – For its small size, the MoGo 2 really packs a punch when it comes to performance. Both the audio and visual aspects of the projector are what we would hope and expect to see from a 720P projector. However, it is where XGIMI goes above and beyond that really helps the MoGo 2 stick out. The Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology is absolutely amazing and makes this one of, if not the easiest projectors to set up and get to use. There is no need to worry about how far from the wall/screen the projector is, the angle, or any of that as it can all be taken care of automatically. Simply set it down, turn it on and it will auto-calibrate everything for you and quite quickly as well.

Black Friday 2023 Deal - Xgimi MoGo 2 Projector

About this item

  • Immersive Visual Experience: With 400 ISO lumens, the DLP movie projector Integrated D65 color temperature standard presents reflective imaging with minimal brightness loss and more realistic colors enriching your private home theater experience.
  • Long Lifespan with Easy Setup: Featuring a 25,000-hour long lamp life, this smart projector is equipped with XGIMI’s Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology, allowing you to easily set up and enjoy cinema-like moments without manual adjustment.
  • Compact Design: The MoGo 2 portable projector weighs only 2.42lb, ensuring ease of use anywhere, anytime. Indoors or outdoors, with kids or friends, for cartoons or movies, and even exploring infinite possibilities independently.
  • Professional Sound to Enjoy: MoGo 2’s built-in 2×8W speakers are compatible with Dolby Audio. With a special-designed visible diaphragm, the booming bass is far more powerful than other entry-level projectors of the same class.
  • Endless Entertainment Options: The upgraded Android TV 11.0 and Google Play provide the all-in-one projector with 5000+ apps. To access Netflix, please contact the XGIMI Customer Support team for the best solution.

Deal – XGIMI MoGo 2 Mini Projector: Now £269, Was £359 on Amazon.co.uk

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