XGIMI Introduction

Starting out in 2013, XGIMI offers state-of-the-art projectors that its consumers can use to create immersive audio-visual experiences. Not only does XGIMI (Pronounced X-Jimy) design some pretty impressive projectors, they always work with partners like Google, Harman Kardon, and Texas Instruments to make sure they are developing the best home and portable projectors.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the latest offering from XGIMI, the MoGo 2. This portable projector is small, elegant, and has some very impressive features that make it one of the easiest-to-use projectors we have ever come across. Alongside its ease of use, it is also relatively small and can easily be put into a backpack and taken on trips. The MoGo 2 can even be used with a 65W portable power bank so there is no limits on where you can take it.

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pricing and Links

US – During the Pre-Sale period, you can buy a $50 off coupon for just $1. You will receive your coupon when the MoGo 2 launches on April 25th and will then have 10 days to use the coupon before it expires. This will drop the price from its RRP of $399 down to just $349 for the MoGo 2.

Those that want the MoGo 2 Pro version (1080P) will also be happy to know the coupon will drop the price from the RRP of $599 down to just $549.

If you wish to purchase in the US or just find out more info, please visit the US MoGo 2 product page

UK – During the Pre-Sale period, you can buy a £45 off coupon for just £1. You will receive your coupon when the MoGo 2 launches on April 25th and will then have 10 days to use the coupon before it expires. This will drop the price from its RRP of £359 down to just £314 for the MoGo 2.

Those that want the MoGo 2 Pro version (1080P) will also be happy to know the coupon will drop the price from the RRP of £529 down to just £484.

If you wish to purchase in the UK or just find out more info, please visit the UK MoGo 2 product page.

XGIMI MoGo 2 Specifications and Product Features


MoGo 2 specs


Image Quality

  • 400 ISO lumens, 720P HD Resolution
  • 90% DCI-P3 Color Gamut
  • D65 color temperature standard
  • HDR 10 enhanced color contrasts

ISA 1.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology)

This technology allows for a seamlessly easy setup, there is no need to worry about the screen angle, alignment, or resolution as it can all be taken care of automatically. Thanks to a small sensor on the front of the MoGo 2 projector, you will always have the best viewing angle, image quality, and picture you can get. This technology is truly amazing and also means you will not have to mess with the focus or anything when it is being used properly.

  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
  • Intelligent Screen Alignment
  • Automatic Keystone correction
  • Autofocus

XGIMI Self-Developed Audio System

XGIMI has upgraded the MoGo 2 to come with 2x8W Speakers that can feature Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital(DD), and Dolby Digital Plus (DD+)

Android TV 11.0 and Google Play

Yes, there are over 5,000+ APPs that can be installed directly onto the MoGo 2 thanks to its 16GB of internal storage. You can easily install Disney+, HBO, Hulu, YouTube, and many more and add them all to your favorites for easy access.

Compact Design

This is one of the smallest projectors you will come across, especially for all it has to offer. It comes in at 16 1x 119 x 108mm (6.33 x 4.68 x 4.24 inch) and only weighs 1.1KG (2.4lb)

Type C Protocol and Power Charge & Portable Power Bank Supported

Thanks to its USB-C charging, not only can it be powered with the included mains plug, you can also use a power bank to power the MoGo 2 as long as the power bank is 65W or above.

XGIMI MoGo 2 Packaging and Accessories

The XGIMI MoGo 2 projector comes in a white box with a nice image of the projector on the front. There are some small details around the other sides of the box but nothing overly important.

XGIMI MoGo 2 Box Front

XGIMI has used extra foam padding inside the box to ensure that the MoGo 2 gets to you in perfect condition. This foam padding is more than thick enough to keep the MoGo 2 protected while it is on its travels.

Xgimi MoGo 2 protection

Taking everything out of the box and we have the MoGo 2 itself, the remote with included batteries, a mains charger, and all of our manuals. The MoGo 2 only comes with the essentials and that includes the packaging as well.

XGIMI MoGo Pro 2 box content

One small thing to mention about the mains plug. The way the prongs are orientated, they currently will take up 2 plug spaces on some power leads. This isn’t a major issue but just one to know about beforehand so if need be, you can buy a suitable power lead for your needs.

xgimi mains connector

XGIMI MoGo 2 Closer Look

The frosty grey design of the MoGo 2 coupled with its small and elegant design is going to have you really wanting to show it off. That’s right, not only is it feature packed but it also looks amazing as well.

On the front of the MoGo 2 projector, you will notice the main lens on the top which will project the video. However, there is also a small sensor on the bottom. This is the Auto Keystone sensor and this is the feature that is going to make this projector stand out from the crowd. This is going to help make sure you have the best possible viewing angle and image, no matter what.

Xgimi MoGo 2 front view

The top of the projector has the XGIMI logo, a small power button, and a power indication LED.

Xgimi MoGo 2 top view

The bottom has some important info on it. It also has a mounting hole for the upcoming Freestyle Stand that will be released in July 2023. You can also use this to mount the MoGo 2 smart projector to a tripod in the meantime. Using the MoGo 2 on a tripod will add extra versatility to the projector and open up a wider range of places that you can use it.

xgimi mogo2 bottom view

On to the backside of the XGIMI MoGo2 Smart Projector and we can see the input ports. Here we find the following ports:

  • USB Type-C
  • HDMI 2.0
  • USB2.0
  • Audio 3.5mm Jack

These connections should be enough to make the most of the MoGo 2 and the audio jack is a nice implementation. This is going to allow users to connect a pair of headphones directly to the projector which means they can enjoy their favorite game or movie all to themselves.

Just below the connectivity ports, we can see the bass diaphragm. This viewing area is going to allow users to clearly see the speaker and the sound movement inside. While it may not add a lot in terms of performance, it is still a pretty cool feature to have on the MoGo 2.

Xgimi MoGo 2 back view


XGIMI MoGo 2 Setup, APPs, and Storage

Setting up the MoGo 2 is a breeze. When you first turn it on you are greeted with a welcome screen so you can select the language you want. From here it only takes a couple of minutes to get it up and running so you can start making the best of your new projector.

Xgimi MoGo 2 welcome screen

Coming equipped with Android TV 11.0 and Google Play, the MoGo 2 projector has access to over 5,000 apps from the second you turn it on. This means that in most cases, there is no need to connect an external box of any kind to it. Instead, download the apps directly to the MoGo 2 and save yourself some hassle. This is a really handy feature to have and truly speaks on the portable aspect that the projector has to offer.

xgimi mogo2 home screen

From Disney+ to Spotify and more, the MoGo 2 smart projector will allow you to watch your favorite TV programs or movies for hours on end.

xgimi mogo 2 apps

There is 16GB of internal storage altogether. This means after the standard apps and everything are installed, you are left with around 10.4GB of space so you can download your favorite apps directly onto the MoGo 2.

Xgimi MoGo 2 internal storage


XGIMI MoGo 2 YouTube Usage and Chromecast

Using YouTube on the MoGo 2 smart projector is as easy as ever and there are actually two ways you can do so. The first is to download the YouTube app and start using it. This is likely to be the preferred way for most as means you can use YouTube right from the MoGo 2 itself, without the need for any extra equipment. You can sign in to your account and instantly start watching all of your favorite creators within a matter of seconds.

ximi mogo 2 youtube

However, you can also use the Chromecast feature and stream from your phone or supported device to the MoGo 2. This is a handy feature to have as we are all on our phones these days and video is the number one type of content that is consumed on mobile devices. When watching a video on your compatible device, simply select the Chromecast option and a list of devices will pop up. Select the MoGo 2 and watch the video start playing on the projector almost instantly. This is a great way to share what you are watching on your mobile phone with others and is seamlessly easy to do which is always a plus.

xgimi mogo 2 youtube chromecast

Installing NetFlix On XGIMI MoGo 2

Netflix does not make it easy to install itself on such devices. This is nothing to do with XGIMI or the MoGo 2 and more to do with how NetFlix handles certain android based devices. However, as always, there is a workaround!

Open up the Google Play store and search for DesktopManager.


Install the DesktopManager App.


Now you will want to open the app. When you do so, you will need to ‘Allow’ it access.


Once you have given it access, you can find Netflix and install it. If nothing happens the first time, you may need to click install again and another prompt will come up asking you what programs you will allow to install unknown apps. Simply give DeskptopManager permission to install unknown apps and then go click install again above Netflix, it should work and take you to a screen where you can input your username and password to start using the service.



Gaming on the XGIMI MoGo 2

Now, what kind of review would this be if we didn’t try and play some games? Firing up our Trust Xbox One S, we got right to it and were rather impressed. Another thing that was nice was the fact that the MoGo 2 projector could be placed right on top of the Xbox (Made sure not to block any vents) and used that way. This frees up even more space on the table and again, just speaks volumes about the portability that this projector has to offer.

mogo2 size comparison

Hoping into some Modern Warfare 2 and I must say, the 720P display really wasn’t that bad. While there is no denying that it isn’t as crisp as 1080P or 4K, the bigger screen size than what I am used to comes in great handy in a number of scenarios. While it made sniping a lot easier, it also made it easier to see snipers who were trying to attack me. In fact, the extra screen size made it easier to see all enemies, near and far, and after a few minutes of playing on it, completely forgot that it was a 720P resolution.

I tried a number of games on it but a good FPS is always my go-to for testing performance. The color representation was accurate and thanks to the 400 ISO lumens, the brightness wasn’t an issue. When gaming, some projectors can have a lot of dark areas that shouldn’t be dark but I did not run into this issue at all when testing the MoGo 2 myself.

COD MW2 Gaming on the XGIMI MoGo 2

XGIMI MoGo 2 Power Usage

As the MoGo 2 is a portable projector, I thought I would have a little bit of fun with it. So, with that being said I decided to test the power consumption. This is designed to be a portable projector that you can take with you and also boasts that it can be used with a portable power bank of at least 65W.

During my initial testing, which was browsing and opening, and closing different apps directly on the MoGo 2, I was seeing an average of 51W being drawn. As you can see in the graph below, I did this for about 5min or so and then decided to move on.

The 20min reading is from allowing a movie to play for 20min with the sound about 75% as high as it could go. I simply put a movie on through an app on the MoGo 2 and just let it play. Sometimes when devices get a bit warm after usage they tend to use a bit more power to try and cool themselves down, however, this wasn’t the case with the MoGo 2. Instead, once the MoGo 2 was settled and playing a movie, it calmed down and on average dropped to 49.7W being used.  While this is only a 2W difference, every bit helps, especially in these times.

Lastly, I decided to test out the ECO mode as this will be used when using a portable battery bank with the MoGo 2. The power draw dropped to 42.5W instantly and stayed right around this no matter if I was browsing apps or just simply watching a movie. This was nice to see and just reaffirms that the MoGo 2 Smart Projector will be suitable to be used with a 65W portable battery bank.

xgimi power draw

Final Words

The XGIMI MoGo 2 Smart Projector has a lot to offer. Those wanting the full 1080P experience will also be happy to know that there is a MoGo 2 PRO version that offers that full HD 1080P experience. Overall, the quality and design are on point and it has some very impressive features so let’s break it all down, recap, and give you my final thoughts on the MoGo 2.

Design – Its small size is going to allow you to bring the MoGo 2 with you almost anywhere you go. Being able to easily fit into most standard backpacks, you will never have to be without your MoGo 2 even when on the move. XGIMI hasn’t let the size stop them from making sure that the MoGo 2 is feature packed and allowing it to offer a great viewing experience. The MoGo 2 features a 720P display with 400ISO lumens, D65 Color Temperature, and an HDR 10 color contrast to give you great image quality.

Performance – For its small size, the MoGo 2 really packs a punch when it comes to performance. Both the audio and visual aspects of the projector are what we would hope and expect to see from a 720P projector. However, it is where XGIMI goes above and beyond that really helps the MoGo 2 stick out. The Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology is absolutely amazing and makes this one of, if not the easiest projectors to set up and get to use. There is no need to worry about how far from the wall/screen the projector is, the angle, or any of that as it can all be taken care of automatically. Simply set it down, turn it on and it will auto-calibrate everything for you and quite quickly as well.

The sound is also quite impressive thanks in part to its 2x8w stereo speakers and visible bass speaker. Not only does it allow for a nice listening experience but it also adds to the overall aesthetic of the MoGo 2. The MoGo 2 also has 4 professional audio modes that include Movie, Sports, Music, and News so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Value – The RRP of the MoGo 2 is £359 here in the UK but if you join in the Presale, you can get a £45 coupon for just £1 bringing the price down to only £314! Either way, the MoGo 2 Smart Projector has a lot to offer for its price. This has to be one of the best portable projectors I have seen and having both the Standard MoGo 2 720P version and a 1080P Pro version available is amazing. While both are more than fairly priced, those looking to save a bit of money will be happy to opt for the 720P version. To purchase the MoGo 2 in the UK, please visit the UK MoGo 2 Product Page. To purchase the MoGo 2 in the US, please visit the US MoGo Product Page.



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