INNO3D at Computex – NVIDIA Graphics Cards

While we don’t have any contacts for INNO3D, one of their guys came up to us and gave us a quick tour around their booth. As you will see, they didn’t really have much on display, but GPUs are their main business. They do also have some Memory available VIA their IChill sub-brand but did not have any on show at Computex.

INNO3D was showcasing their latest NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 40 Series Graphics Cards.

They had a few different GPUs on display, including:

RTX 4090 X3 OC
RTX 4080 16GB X3 OC
RTX 4070 Ti X3 OC
RTX 4060 Ti X3 OC
RTX 4060 Ti TWIN X2 OC
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PXL 20230601 040033950

Of course, the 4090 is the current king of their GPU range. The 4090 X3 OC has some very impressive specs.

Technical Details

PXL 20230601 040040474

Of course, it also comes with plenty of connectors so you can hook multiple monitors up to it to make the most of all that power it has to offer.

PXL 20230601 040046191

Both the 4070 and 4060 models have two variants. The main difference is the number of fans where the twin models on have two fans and as such, this should make them a bit cheaper when it comes to buying one. However, they may not always offer equal performance as the cooling capacity isn’t quite as good as the three fan models.

PXL 20230601 040051795

Alongside their standard models, INNO3D also had some of their white versions on display.

The 4060 Ti iCHILL is probably my current favorite-looking GPU from INNO3D! While it may not be the most powerful GPU in their lineup, there is no denying the design looks rather special.

PXL 20230601 040111682

Those wanting all the power and a white GPU will be happy to know that INNO3D also have a white version of their 4090 X3!

I don’t know if it’s just me or not but these white GPUs are growing on me and are really making me want to do an all-white build in the near future.

PXL 20230601 040118997

I mean, just look at all the beautifulness – power and beauty are a combination that can’t be beaten!

PXL 20230601 040123999

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