COUGAR is proud to announce today the arrival of two new gaming keyboards designed specifically to fulfill the needs of advanced and pro-level FPS gamers: Puri and Puri TKL.

A full set of original, German-made Cherry MX mechanical switches guarantee that you will get quick and reliable responses with a solid tactile feedback: No more deaths due to stuck keys, no more doubts regarding whether an input has been registered. With Puri and Puri TKL, your input is exactly what you want it to be.

The performance-enhancing functions don’t end with the switches: A powerful backlight with per-key customization has been included that will help gamers play in dimly lit environments and highlight the keys most important for each game. To make sure you see the right keys for different games and applications, up to 10 different customized backlight modes can be stored on the keyboard. For those looking for a more visually attractive feel, 20 preset backlight effects will create a wonderful gaming atmosphere.

Portability is important for the modern gamer; LAN parties, tournaments, and other events make it likely that sooner or later you will need to bring your gaming gear somewhere. To help you with this, Puri and Puri TKL come with a robust set of portability features: a detachable cable and a unique magnetic protective cover. These will make it possible for you to move with the tools you need to perform at your best level.

Other handy features such as cable management and a 3-level height adjustment capability have been added to make further your life easier.

Puri is the full layout version, with Puri TKL being the shorter version without the numpad for enhanced portability.

These are, in short, two keyboards designed by and for FPS gamers, with everything they need and nothing they don’t. Selling it at a highly competitive price, COUGAR plans to make Puri and Puri TKL the new standard keyboard for pro-level FPS gaming.

DSC 0736 DSC 0738 DSC 0750 DSC 0758 DSC 0764 DSC 0775 DSC 0786 DSC 0787 DSC 0792 DSC 0798 DSC 0814 PURI TKL K80 2 PURI TKL K80 3 PURI TKL K80 4 PURI TKL K80 5 PURI 1ng

Select retailers will include an exclusive set of 8 metal keycaps with Puri TKL (Subject to availability, for more details check with local COUGAR resellers).

Puri and Puri TKL will become available for end-user purchase in October 2017