When we see the possibilities that come with the implementation of technology into virtual gaming, people are always ecstatic about future discoveries that will further ensure a comfortable gaming experience for the young and old. For example, players can now game from home, offices, cafes, bars, and other relaxation spots without showing up at physical casinos. Additionally, a broader option of games like online poker machines, table games, etc., that can be accessed from gadgets. 

Comfort, security, and virtual realism are a few pros of AU online gambling. Many more are to be invented in subsequent years with the modification of technology. However, during the advent and legalisation of gambling, casinos faced a significant issue: licensing. It was one thing for gambling to be legalised in a country; it was another for a casino to be appropriately licensed to run operations on the country’s soil.

From the 70s, gambling became allowed in Hobart – a city in Australia – and operations began in other cities like Darwin and Alice Springs. All these operations were legalised by the authorised Australian gambling regulating body. In essence, even with the freedom to operate casinos in a country, you still need to get a licence to become recognised as a legitimate establishment. 

When online casinos were introduced in the mid-90s, they still didn’t disturb the due protocol of legalisation. However, it became easier to run offshore online operations without the fear of getting apprehended. Offshore sites have their advantages, but a big turn-off is unaccountability. It’s easier to dupe people on an offshore site because there is no licensing which can facilitate traces. Fraudulent gambling practices are criminal and heartbreaking, so players are advised to confirm the legitimacy of websites before signing up.

If you are into real money casinos, you don’t understand licensing – and you even ask yourself, “does an online casino matter”? Then, this article is for you.

What Is a Casino Licence?

A casino licence is a stamped document that allows individuals/agencies to run gambling operations. These documents represent a stamped approval issued by a regulatory authority in the country (countries that legalise gambling like Canada, the USA, Australia, etc.). Before a company/operator gets this permit, they must have met the expected requirements as stated by the regulatory body. Therefore, every dollar deposit casinos should meet minimum standards, determining your eligibility to obtain the licence. 

Going by “where there is no law, there is no sin”, it’s safe to say that operators without a licence are illegal. Illegal operations in countries like Australia put anyone at risk of getting into trouble with the law. That is why people who run illegal businesses do so and probably get away with it once it’s online. Depending on the law, punishments can range from monetary penalties (also called fines) to complete closure of the operation. The basic general requirements to get a licence are personal data, cash flow, ownership ingenuity, etc.

Why Is a Licence Important?

Gambling licences protect the interests of the AU players, operators, and the country in question. First, on the players’ side, it facilitates the test of safety, legitimacy, and security on their behalf to prevent them from getting scammed. Second, on the operators’ side, it filters the best online casinos from the fraudulent ones disguising or using them as a front for money laundering, given the intense competition in the gambling market. On the country’s side, it helps them keep a record of safe gambling and effective regulation of operations. 

Some countries deny AU players the chance to sign up on an unregistered casino website. Some bypass these restrictions with Virtual Private Network (VPN) so they don’t identify as a country citizen. A registered website has more appeal than an unregistered one because players feel more comfortable gambling on an accountable platform. Players should also confirm the legitimacy before signing up because most platforms use casino bonuses like free spins, no deposit bonuses, free slot games, etc., to entice players.

 As an operator, here are some reasons why your platform needs to be licensed appropriately:

  • It promotes trust and credibility for the operations.
  • It gives you a chance to operate in a more significant number of countries without restrictions.
  • Payment systems are unhindered when a valid licence is registered in the operator’s name.
  • It allows operators to work with big gaming service providers because of its reputation.
  • You can also benefit from little to no taxing from offshore jurisdictions.

Trust and Credibility

In a competitive market, the best you can do as an operator is to earn the trust of your consumers. One way to earn it is to obtain a gambling licence from the authorised body. Many AU players are getting sensitised daily not to blindly fall into the trap of unregistered casino websites. That way, you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t obtain a licence.

Freedom of Operation

Countries that legalise AU gambling will mandate operations with licences. Based on the jurisdiction, operators have the freedom to operate in different countries. Unlike unregistered casinos, there won’t be unnecessary restrictions on the operation.

Access to Payment

In countries where the regulation of casino operations is very strict, operators won’t be allowed to open a bank account in the establishment’s name. Also, they won’t be allowed to accept payments from consumers. Payment is proof of operation, and it won’t be possible to continue if payments are not accepted. Licensing gives access to payments both on the player’s and operator’s sides. That way, gambling establishments can be recognised as the best payout online casino ever.

Builds Reputation and Licensing Jurisdictions

Licensing opens doors for collaboration between establishments and gaming companies. Across all industries, big brands only work with reputable industries, which comes down to your credibility. Operators can partner with gaming service providers to edge the market competition to build unique and interesting free casino games for different platforms.

Obtaining a licence is one thing; getting it from a reliable and prestigious jurisdiction is another. However, the advantages of registered casinos are open to becoming even more when it comes from the right jurisdictions:

  • Every AU operator should understand the importance of choosing a reliable jurisdiction to obtain a licence. 
  • Jurisdiction is a legal authority granted to a body to operate. The best jurisdictions grant you access to services in many countries across the globe. 
  • Many operators are always confused about the jurisdictions to use for legalisation. 

Malta and Alderney

Malta’s gaming authority issues two different types of licences – B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer). You need permission to conduct gambling operations before being eligible to comply with the jurisdiction’s requirements. Before operators can get the licence, the authorities will implore them to provide their credit history or detailed financial statements. 

They will also be asked to guarantee the protection of consumer data. Some jurisdictions offer a temporary permit for 6 months or one-year maximum. If you have a clean record throughout this period, then a permanent 5-year minimum licence will be issued. The licence will be renewed upon expiration if the records remain clean. Taxes will be placed on the establishment based on the generated revenue.

One of the oldest gambling regulating bodies is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. They have been operating since 2000 and have been actively running gambling activities. Operators must provide the necessary papers and deposit some funds to be eligible for application. Renewal of licences under Alderney is twice as expensive as the upfront fee. Other factors determining the average licence and renewal fees are the type of casino, like theinternetslots.com/au, annual revenue, licences, etc.


Curacao is an island in the South Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela in South America. They have one of the world’s most popular and reliable internet gambling licences. Some of the features of their licensing process are:

  • Zero tax on gambling profits
  • Little maintenance charges
  • Speedy licensing process 

The gambling industry in Curacao carries a larger percentage of the island’s budget, which is why it’s a tax-friendly space for online casino operators. There’s a 2 % tax on corporate profits to balance fairness and the best gaming conditions. After that, casino owners just need to host their servers on the island.

The United Kingdom and Gibraltar

The UK gambling commission is popular and widely known among novice gamblers. It is an organisation with one of the world’s largest – if not the largest – gaming authorities. With the reputation of this jurisdiction, you know too well that the licensing process will be thorough. To obtain a licence, operators must provide the following:

  • The necessary papers
  • A well-detailed business plan
  • Proof of financial liquidity
  • No criminal conviction records

Unlike other countries, a 15-50 % tax is charged on the gross profits of online establishments. There is also a fee for licence renewal which might increase in percentage based on different factors. Most online casinos in Australia with permission to facilitate operations in other countries usually obtain licences from such jurisdictions.

A List of Some of the Registered Operations in Australia

Many real money casinos attach the logos of the licensing body that offered them the stamped approval at the bottom of the website. That way, it’s easier to scroll through a website and check for the stamp of approval.

Online websites Unique selling points
Red Dog Casino Best casino overall
Sky Crown Best for online slots/slots multipliers
Joe Fortune Best for games and reviews and blog content
Hell Spin Best for a variety of live games
Ignition Casino Best website for poker games
Ricky Best for casino bonus like no deposit bonus
Bitstarz Casino Best crypto gambling sites


How Do Players Know If Casinos Are Regulated?

Casino reviews are a good way of confirming the legitimacy of a website in Australia. Many service providers make a list of the licences that a casino has. Authors of casino-related blogs also include a section where they make reviews of the best online casino registered under the appropriate gambling commissions. Players should also note if these reviews were uploaded long ago.

Scanning through gambling commission websites is not fun, but it’s necessary for players who want verification. For example, gambling commissions in Australia will have a detailed list of the casinos that have gone through their licensing process.

Casino bonuses are heavy distractions for players when looking for the best online casinos to play. Once people see offers with no deposit bonuses, they initially want to jump on them before confirming the authenticity. Also, apart from licensing, check the available games on the website before signing up because not all platforms offer the best variants of games. Examples of popular casino games in Australia are online slots/pokies (mobile slots for phones), roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc.


In conclusion, while an online casino licence may not be the be-all and end-all, it is a positive sign. Any reputable and trustworthy operator will hold a valid licence from a recognised regulatory body. This ensures that the casino adheres to strict fairness, security, and responsible gaming guidelines. So, if you’re looking for a safe and fair place to play, make sure the casino holds a valid licence.