E-win is a newly found company and just started up in 2016. However, before this, they were an OEM office chair manufacturer so they do have a bit of experience in this market. Gaming chairs are currently a very popular accessory to have for PC and console gamers alike. Not only do they look cool, they also add extra support for your back and even help to encourage better posture, something most of us gamers could use.There is currently a wide range of Gaming Chairs available and today, we will take a look at EWin’s Champion Series.




The box for the EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair is absolutely massive and it is quite heavy. On the outside of the box, there are some white straps which not only help keep it all together, they will also help you pick up and move the box as there are no handles.

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review

Everything inside is very well packed and protected from damage. The back and base of the seat are wrapped in clear plastic to ensure they get to you in the best condition possible while the 5-pointed base as some foam protecting it.

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_1

There is also a smaller box which includes the casters (wheels) hydraulic and control unit as well as some plastic protectors, screwdriver and screws, allen key and the instructions so you can get it all setup. Aseembly is easy and while it can be done by one person in around 10minutes, having a second person around would be handy!

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_2



Assembly really is quite easy and can be done by one person in under 10 minutes! First, you will push all the casters into the holes on the 5-pointed star base.

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_4

Next, insert the hydraulic unit into the base and put the plastic protector over it.

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_5

Now you can attach the back of the chair to the base/seat part of the chair. First, you will need to remove the two bolts on each side of the back, then place the back into the base, line the arms on the base up with the holes on the back and then reinsert the bolts and tighten them.

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_6

Next it is time to put the control unit onto the base of the chair. Again, the 4x bolts will need to be removed then line the unit up with the holes and reinsert the bolts. Note that you will want to make sure the lever on the unit is on the same side as the small lever that is on the base of the chair (right side).

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_7

Both arm rests come installed. However, you will want to make sure the bolts are in tightly because as you can see, the arm rests can be moved a bit to get them into your preferred location.

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_8

Lastly, you put the chair onto the hydraulic and job done. You are now ready to enjoy hours of comfort thanks to your EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair.

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Closer Look and Review Video


One thing to note that may bug a few people. The Blues on the base and wheels don’t match, at least in our sample the wheels were a bit darker. It’s also worth noting neither of these blues matched the blue on the chair either. While this is far from the end of the world for myself this may not be the case for others so thought it was worth mentioning.

ewin racing champion series gaming chair review_3

Final Thoughts


The Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair is definitely a well worthy purchase. While it may be a bit on the expensive side for some, you are getting everything you would expect from a top-tier gaming chair. It’s comfortable and has all of the essential features such as the tilting and also the 180 degrees reclining back. Extra like the grips on the top of the 5-point base show that Ewin has taken that little extra step to make this chair a great one. Also, don’t forget the included cushions for both the head and lower back that EWin has included, which also give off that top of the line feel.

The Champion Series chairs offers a very comfortable sitting experience, even after prolonged gaming sessions thanks in part to its soft leather base and back and the PVC arm rests. The reclining back and full 360-degree swivel may not be something you will use all the time, but they are sure to come in handy at some point and are well-welcomed features. The height adjustable armrests are covered in soft PVC which will allow users to get the most comfort from them when taking a break from the activity at hand and relaxing for a bit. Combine that with the durable Fiber Leather backing and base of the chair and you are in for an extra comfortable gaming session.

When all is said and done the EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair has all of the major features we would hope to see in such a chair. It offers comfort and functionality and while the price may be out of reach for some, those looking to spend the extra money on a top-notch chair will not be disappointed

EnosTech Recommended Award

Major thanks to EWin for sending in their Champion Series Gaming Chair for this review! 

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