Found off the streets of London, the museum needs some TLC and restoration. You are able to upgrade the exhibits with in-game currency and restore it to all its glory. Exhibits are available if you “know” about the topics, areas, and lore on display. This gives players the opportunity to show off their achievements and also appreciate all the time and dedication that developers put into creating the game and its monsters.

The museum is designed to be enjoyed by all players; veteran and novice. You can invite up to 50 players into your museum to see your “spoils of war” and have social gatherings, walk around displays, and take in the detail that has been put into one of the best MMOs (in my opinion).

True achievement hunters will be rewarded with a yet-to-be-disclosed item or status that will really impact gameplay as a reward for such a grand and time-consuming feat. This is the perfect time to get into the game and start to see it all.


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