Taipei, Taiwan, May 31, 2016 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to give gamers and enthusiasts the ultimate solution for gaming with its new Ultra Gaming line of featured on both Intel’s X99 and Z170 platforms.

“The PC is the only platform that has the power to offer gamers proper support for Virtual Reality (VR) and 4K,” said Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE’s Motherboard Business Unit. “GIGABYTE’s Ultra Gaming line of motherboards provides technologies such as increased transfer speeds for gamers viewing ultra-high definition cinematics”

With GIGABYTE’s Ultra Gaming series of boards gamers have the option between the enthusiast grade X99 platform or the performance class Z170. Both versions of the Ultra Gaming motherboards offer award-winning GIGABYTE features that go above and beyond the expectations of gamers.


gigabyte x99

X99 Ultra Gaming: Performance You Can Rely On

The X99-Ultra Gaming motherboard brings the best of Intel’s X99 chipset to a motherboard that’s ready to power through the latest and most demanding games on the market, as well as the new and exciting world of VR and 4K gaming. With Intel’s first 10-core processor for the enthusiast segment, the X99-Ultra Gaming motherboard is ready for everything that gamers demand.

gigabyte z170

Z170X-Ultra Gaming: The Next-Generation of Performance 

GIGABYTE’s Z170X-Ultra Gaming platform allows users to push Intel’s 6th Gen CPUs far beyond their expectations. With the Z170 Ultra Gaming board GIGABYTE brings gamers onboard U.2 connectors, and enhanced multi-graphics support, addressing the needs of even the most demanding gamers.



Fully Customizable LED Control

With Gamers valuing control over the aesthetics of their Gaming PC more and more, it was an easy choice for GIGABYTE to include Pin Headers for third-party LED strips. These Pin Headers can be found on both the X99 and Z170X-Ultra Gaming Motherboards, allowing the user to have full control of the system’s onboard LEDs with GIGABYTE’s Ambient LED Application. Not only can users control the color of the LEDs but also the lighting method such as beat mode, which illuminates to the sound of your music, or pulse mode that phases on and off imitating a heartbeat or breath.

Onboard U.2 Support

The U.2 connector is the next-generation of storage connectors, providing users with up to four PCI Express Gen3 lanes and increased bandwidth. Games that have support for VR or 4K require large amounts of data to be transferred quickly to allow the gamer to have a seamless experience with a high FPS. With support for the latest SSDs from Intel® such as the 2.5” 750 NVMe Series SSD, GIGABYTE’s Ultra Gaming motherboard is the best choice for gamers that need the maximum bandwidth.

Keeping Your System Cool with Hybrid Fan Pin Headers

A system’s CPU and GPU can generate a lot of heat, and often gamers and enthusiasts purchase extra fans and liquid cooling equipment to keep their system cool while under a heavy load. With the Hybrid Fan Pin Headers users can fully integrate their after-market fans and liquid cooling pumps into their GIGABYTE motherboard.

GIGABYTE’s Ultra Gaming motherboards will be on display during Computex at GIGABYTE’s booth in the Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1, Booth #D0002 from May 31st to June 4th.

For more details about GIGABYTE’s Ultra Gaming boards:

GA-X99-Ultra Gaming | GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming 

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