Don’t know how to add chapters to YouTube videos? Read on. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

Youtube Chapters are automatically generated based on timestamps you enter in the video description and will appear in the video progress bar (“video scrubber bar”). These chapters can aid viewers by providing more information and context, allowing them to rewatch different parts of the video.

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Simple Guide: How to Add Chapters to YouTube Video?

When you want your video to stand out from the competitors, or you are a newbie video editor or a Youtuber, you’ll need to apply YouTube chapters to your videos. 

Making a list of timestamps and including it in the description of your YouTube video is the best way to add chapters. It enables you to trim and title each chapter accurately. 

Your YouTube videos can easily have chapters added. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Pick the Video You want to add video chapters.

Locate the video to which you wish to add video chapters on your YouTube account. You can do it on laptops, desktops, or even mobile phones. If you are using a mobile phone, download the latest version of the YouTube Studio App.

Step 2: Tap Edit Video

Once you select the video you wish to add YouTube chapters, tap ‘Edit Video.’ The Details tab will appear in the sidebar immediately. It is simple to do, and even elementary kiddos can do it. 

Step 3: Note Down the Precise Time

In the description, note down the precise time the first chapter of the movie begins, followed by a hyphen and the chapter’s title, then repeat for the following chapter.

When you’re finished, your list ought to resemble the following:


Step 4: Divide Your Chapters

Think about breaking up your chapters by topic or scene and create a new chapter whenever you change the subject or the setting. And make sure to level each chapter with a descriptive name, so readers will know which part of the video they are watching.

Step 5: Adjust the Timestamps

The template should be copied and pasted into the Description field. Adjust timestamps so they start at the beginning of your video and modify the names of the chapters.

Step 6: Select Save

This stage is critical. Always remember to save your work. Once the uploaded video has been saved and processed, the timeframe will be divided to display each of the chapters you listed. Below your description, you’ll also notice a list of the chapters.

However, if you saved your work and the timestamp was still missing, the following could be the reasons:

  • Less than three chapters have been added.
  • One of your chapters is under 10 seconds long.
  • The timestamps are not arranged in time order.
  • You might have used a period ( . ) to enter timecodes in place of a colon ( : )
  • There are active copyright strikes on your channel.
  • Less than 1,000 people subscribe to your channel.
  • Your video’s subject matter might be offensive to some viewers.

Benefits of Adding Chapters to YouTube Videos

More Engaging

It is in your best interest to add chapters to your YouTube videos because doing so makes them more engaging and draws in more viewers. Not all viewers have a longer time to spend on your video to watch others are only spotting essential segments or chapters to your video.

Easy to Find Crucial Information

Creators can choose to manually add video chapters or use automatic video chapters for each submitted video. It is preferable to manually add chapters to your YouTube videos if you want precise timing and description levels.

The use of chapters makes it easier for viewers to find the information they want. Nobody enjoys searching through a 20-minute video for a single two-minute portion.

Boost SEO

Video chapters may also help with SEO and make videos easier to find through search engines.

Videos with shorter run times and a stronger focus on entertainment don’t always need chapters. This includes less business-focused content like movies, music videos, and comedy bits, as well as things like brand promo videos or brief explanatory videos.

Simple to Watch

With the use of video chapters, a video is divided into smaller, distinct segments. Each segment is given more context and information by the chapter breaks, which also make it simple to watch the video again.

Besides manually uploading a time stamped video, YouTube can now automatically caption Video Chapters on your new and old videos thanks to a platform change. Videos without timestamps provided by the uploader are currently being automatically activated by YouTube as Video Chapters.