It is in our human nature to love the things that we are good at. That is the way the world should work, everyone doing what they like and what they are good at. Unfortunately, we are very far away from achieving that kind of harmony where everyone does whatever they like. It is also very hard to regulate that kind of system, and total anarchy should never be achieved. That is a small digression, but one that should definitely be taken into consideration when it comes to video games.

Compared to the past, it is much easier to be paid for doing something that you like doing as a hobby. This monetization of hobbies such as playing video games has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is obvious, you get paid for playing video games at home or at big events. The downside is that everyone expects you to be competitive and do it for the money. Whatever the case may be for you, these tips will surely help you have the upper hand when it comes to playing video games.


Cheating in real life is a big no-no, but is it such a big deal when it comes to playing video games? Unless you are lying to everyone that you are so good, and you are not going competitive, it really is not such a bad concept. If you just want to have some fun, using cheats to play a few rounds might be a really good option for you. If you want to see what that forbidden apple tastes like, you can try it and see it is nothing special.

Cheats are a very broad term that can be categorized to be more precise. The selected cheats that are most used are shown over at and that includes aimbot, wallhacks, and cheat radar. Aimbot is self-explanatory, it gives you automatic precision so you do not have to aim. Wallhacks allow you to see where the enemy is, no matter if they are hidden behind something. When using cheats, it is very desirable to use something that offers you good protection against getting banned.


Cheats will help you get the upper hand and let you know what that feels like. When you do not have to worry about such things as aim and where your enemies are, you can think about other things. Once you know what to think about when playing, you can start a new practice regime. No matter what you do or use, you will always need to practice to make it perfect. Without investing enough time into any kind of skill, you will not become any better.

Time you spend

When it comes to practice, many people think about just putting in the hours. It does depend on the hours you spend practicing, do not think that is not the case. But, there is another important thing to consider when you are practicing, and that is efficient hours. You should not practice playing video games for the sake of filling out the hours. You should do it while you are actively thinking about what you are doing.

This means that you are thinking about the mistakes that you are making. You are thinking about the strategy that you are trying to use and develop. You are thinking about the game and the moves that you are making in order to know if they are good or not. If you just play the game on autopilot, you are wasting your time and not learning anything new. That is why you should not limit yourself to the number of hours you spend playing the game. Focus only on the effective hours where you are playing to the max and when that focus goes down you are done.

Talking to other players

One of the best ways to know if you are doing something correctly or not is by consulting with others. Be it for anything, you will need some kind of feedback when it comes to the work you are doing. If you have any friends that play the game you are, you can always talk to them about anything. If not, it is really easy to make some new online friends these days that play the game.

It is important to take their criticism objectively, even if they hurt your ego a bit. Do not let your ego take over and stop you from developing your skills. In the long term, the only one that loses from that is you. So always be open about any kind of comments when it comes to your skills.

New gear

Sometimes the gear that you are using might not be in the best shape and that could be slowing you down. Getting a new keyboard or controller will not make you a better player but will help out a bit. Having proper working equipment is very important when it comes to playing video games. Without that equipment, you are already at a disadvantage on a physical level.

You do not have to invest heavily in the new equipment because then you are just wasting money. Just get something that is functional and that you like using. Sports players usually get attached to their equipment, and the same goes for esports players. It is important to have that sentimental value when it comes to playing video games, so you can have an extra amount of joy.

New space

Maybe the environment where you are gaming does not suit you well enough. It is important that the space where you will be playing does not induce some negative feelings. For example, maybe you need some new lighting because your eyes hurt from the current exposure. Or the room may have some foul odors that are not pleasant and thus distract you from the game.

Inspect your gaming room thoroughly and think about what you would like it to be. Maybe you want some posters or wall art to have something else to look at. Try putting up a few plants here and there to provide some fresh air that you need. The plants will also help you to make a new habit of taking care of them, so you do not get glued to your chair.

Take breaks

It is very important to take a break from time to time in order to stay sane while you are practicing. Be it short breaks or longer breaks, you need to take a breather from time to time. You need to clear out your head every once in a while if you truly go forward. Sometimes, you will feel like you are stuck and that you do not know where you are going. Once you take a short break, your mind will be clear, and you will know what to do.

Many people avoid taking this very needed break, thinking that their career will be ruined. The only thing that can get ruined from not taking a break is you. You need to take care of yourself whenever possible, or you will not be able to do anything. This is not talked about enough, but it definitely should be because more people need to hear it. It is ok that you can not grind all day long, no one can and no one should do that.

Making it less stressful

The whole point of playing video games is to have some fun time and relax. Unfortunately, many people take gaming way too seriously and end up being tryhards. There is nothing wrong with wanting to focus on the game and playing it professionally. The point is that the game does not dictate your life and should not have a negative impact on your mood.

It is okay to be angry that a stupid person ruined your game for no reason, but that should not infuriate you. Whenever you get mad, just try to remember that this is just a video game. There is no need to throw a tantrum over someone not playing the game as good as you are. It is especially important to stay cool because of the people around you. They do not want to see you feeling stressed or, even worse, you hurting them in any way while you are stressed.

Again, take a break

The importance of taking a break can not be overemphasized when it comes to feeling stressed. You do not get any kind of upper hand when playing if you are playing it stressed out. You can not think straight when you are zoned out and distracted with anger. You will keep making mistakes that you would not otherwise when you are focused.

When you make such mistakes, you get even angrier and more stressed. The cycle feeds itself until you snap and just feel bad about everything. That is why you need to take a break when you feel the cycle of frustration starting. Once you calm down, you can continue playing and try doing so with more fun. Invite some friends to play with, so they can make it more fun and help you when you feel stressed. Friends are one of the best ways to make you feel better and keep you relaxed. Just do not lash out your anger against them, which sometimes we do to the people that are closest to us.

Staying physically healthy

Being better at video games should not come at a cost to your physical wellbeing. You will probably be spending a lot of time sitting while you are playing games. You should always remember to stay up every once in a while and do some basic stretching. Do some neck exercises, arm rotations, backstretch, and squats.

Your body can deteriorate pretty quickly if you do not take care of it. You will not even be aware of it until later when you get older. All the nights that you spent not sleeping will come back to you, and so will the muscles that you did not train. You do not have to go to the gym every day to stay fit, just some regular routine will do the trick. Try doing some push-ups for your chest and squats for your legs. Get some dumbbells to get that arm action going and plank for those abs.

Physical fitness will also help you get your motion and instincts better, so you will actually have better coordination when playing the game.

Balanced diet

The stereotype of an average gamer only eating Doritos and drinking mountain dew did appear for a reason. Many gamers do not think about their food and just grab to eat whatever is ready, not thinking if it is good for them. Having a few snacks and sugary drinks is not that bad, but consuming them every day is.

You will need to start eating something healthy if you want to be good at games. You can not improve your skills if you do not have all the vitamins to fulfill your metabolic needs. You will notice the change in your mood as well, as you will feel more rested with this healthy routine. Many people are scared of doing it because it means less time playing the game. The positive consequences of this new diet will come a long way, and you will feel the difference.

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The road to becoming a better game is filled with things that you would find rather unexpected. Most of the given tips are meant to help you be calmer and take care of yourself. Of course, you do need to practice, but it is not with it if you lose yourself in the process. You can only have the upper hand if you are healthy both physically and mentally, which is most important for anything.

Playing video games can be a very healthy hobby for both the mind and body. Sometimes, you just want to get out of the real world and play some games to relax a bit. By doing so, you need to balance that out with some physical activities as well. It is all about making a good balance, and once you achieve that, you will become a whole lot better at anything you do.