Combining two of its already hugely successful cooling products, Lian Li introduces the Galahad AIO UNI FAN SL Edition. This All-in-one CPU cooler combines the Galahad closed-loop cooler with UNI SL120 fans to create an impressive cooling solution.

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UNI SL120 Fans

Lian Li’s UNI SL120 fans are an extremely popular option for users who want a good-looking product with equal performance. The slide-in interlocking mechanism allows these fans to use one cable, making it a much neater and simple install.

Lian Li include the Uni Hub that comes with 4 designated UNI Fan ports, each port allowing up to a cluster of four fans, meaning up to 16 UNI Fans can be connected in total. Combined with their L-Connect software, you can easily control and adjust fan RPM and colour and brightness settings. Alternatively, the fans can be connected directly to the motherboard for fan speed control and ARGB sync – offering wide compatibility for most motherboard systems.

These high static pressure fans have a variable speed of 800 to 1900 RPM and a rated airflow of 58.54 CFM. Made with rubber pads to reduce vibrations as well as a magnetic frame for stability these fans provide maximum cooling silently.img 61a5f6872af8d

CPU Block Pump

Lian Li use a triple chamber pump design for the CPU block pump, with a machined aluminium housing and removeable magnetic aluminium cap, which when removed features shows the Lian Li logo, and the housing can be rotated to make sure the logo is always upright.

This advanced design dramatically reduces any resulting friction of the coolant’s rapid flow and as well as offering an additional layer of protecting should the CPU block become damaged.

Inside the unit you’ll find separate feeds for cool and hot water, dual O-rings to prevent leaks, and an industrial grade motor for a long and quiet lifespan.img 61a5f687d1c9d

RadiatorThe Galahad’s radiator is constructed with 14 rows of aluminium tubing and uses high-density fin folds, delivering efficient cooling thanks to its large surface area for heat dissipation and high volume of liquid to flow.The radiator also features aluminium shields on both sides, giving the cooler a premium finish and protection to the radiator against any potential damage.img 61a5f6884e0e0

Additional information

The Lian Li Galahad supports most CPU sockets including AM4, and Lian Li are offering the LGA 1700 bracket for $0.01 USD (minimum order is required) to bring 12th Gen support.

The coolers are available in black and white, and 360mm or 240mm, and comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.


Galahad AIO SL 240mm Black – £139.99 – (Stock code HS-00A-LL)
Galahad AIO SL 240mm White – £139.99 – (Stock code HS-00A-LL)
Galahad AIO SL 360mm Black – £169.99 – (Stock code HS-00A-LL)
Galahad AIO SL 360mm White – £169.99 – (Stock code HS-00A-LL)